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California Lightworks Solarsystem 500 UVB Grow Lights

SKU: SX-500-120V-UVB
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 Our SolarXtreme 500 full-spectrum LED grow light offers coverage for 16 sq ft, ideal for both home growing and grow tent setups. Its innovative design features a chip-on-board and direct AC drive, eliminating the need for LED drivers.

This high-efficiency LED system draws less energy, resulting in lower costs compared to traditional LED lights. It provides a full spectrum output, with no need to adjust based on yield changes, optimizing plant health and maximizing output per wattage. Consuming up to 50% less electricity than traditional LED greenhouse lights.

For those looking for UVB coverage, our SolarSystem UVB features the latest generation high output UVB T5 fluorescent bulb. Perfect for small tent setups or large commercial operations.

NOTE: Exposure to UVB light can be harmful to skin and eyes, turn off the light before entering the room. For plant use only.