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Click & Grow 25 - Indoor Herb and Vegetable Garden

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Grow your Own Salad Garden with Click & Grow 25

Experience the ultimate in hassle-free gardening with Click & Grow's patented tray system, specifically designed for growing leafy greens. Our innovative tray system offers a seamless planting and harvesting cycle, so you can insert plant pods from one end and harvest from the other - continuously. 

With Click & Grow, you'll always have fresh, healthy greens to add to your favorite dishes. Plus, our system is suitable for all Click & Grow plants, so you can expand your gardening repertoire with ease. What are you waiting for? Get ready to elevate your meals with the freshest greens possible!

The Amazing Features of the Click & Grow 25:

  • Every week you’ll get a bountiful harvest of leafy greens
  • Modular indoor garden made of high quality natural oak and metal
  • App to maintain a steady 5-week growth & harvest cycle
  • App-controlled grow-lights and humidity sensor
  • Easy assembly - all the instructions are included with the product. Tools included
  • Smart Soil Technology (scroll down to learn more)
  • Fill the water tank up once every 2-3 weeks
  • Pro-grow lights that nourish your plants with the perfect amount of light
  • Roots optimized for oxygen and nutrients
  • Companion app to help you become a green thumb expert
  • Sleek design that lets you set your garden up anywhere. Fits into any environment
  • Sprouting guaranteed: If your plant doesn’t sprout we’ll replace it!
  • 1 year hassle free warranty

The Click & Grow Secret: Smart Soil

Experience the future of gardening with Smart Soil, inspired by NASA technology. Our innovative soil creates the ultimate environment for your plants to flourish. The unique nanostructure ensures that water is distributed evenly throughout, providing the roots with access to water at all times. 

Plus, our Smart Soil guarantees that your plants receive the perfect pH-level and an ideal balance of water, oxygen, and nutrients. What's more, our growth medium is made of natural, renewable materials and is free from any harmful substances such as pesticides, fungicides, or hormones. Don't settle for average soil when you can have the best with Smart Soil.

How it works:

It’s so simple you’ll think you’re doing something wrong. As soon as your Smart Garden 9 Pro arrives simply follow these three steps:

  1. Fill one tray at a time with plant pods once every week
  2. Remove a tray full of mature greens 5 weeks after planting it
  3. Set the tray with 5-week-old plants into a tray holder, consume within a week
  4. Slide trays sideways to make room for the next tray
  5. Plant a new set of plant pods on the new tray
  6. Repeat by planting from one end and harvesting from another. Keep a gradually growing order with plants to avoid some of them being overshadowed.

Adding Water:

When following the 5-week growing cycle, it’s best to add water every week right when you remove one tray and replace it with another. Add water to the tank according to the minimum and maximum lines. You'll be notified of low water levels through the Click & Grow app though just in case you forget. Too easy!

What’s Included?

  • Manual and tools for easy assembly
  • 1x 9 liter / 3.37-gallon water tank
  • Sliding base for the water tank
  • 2x LED grow lights
  • 6x Grow Flow™ trays for plant pods
  • 1x Grow Flow™ tray holder
  • Tray cover for faster germination
  • 2x side panels to keep your plants safe
  • Power adapter
  • Wooden legs and panels
  • Salad Greens Mix: a set of 54 popular leafy greens including: 9x Leaf Mustard, 9x Red Kale, 18x Romaine Lettuce, 18x Green Lettuce plant pods. 


The Salad Greens Mix will be delivered in a separate box from the garden, although within the same delivery.

We will ship the product out within 2-4 business days. Orders will be delivered in 5-11 business days from the date you place your order.


  • Each module comes with 6 trays - 1 you can use for harvesting or storing the herbs you plan to harvest and 5 to always have in the garden producing new greens.
  • Measurements:
    W: 29.72 in x H: 20.1 in x D: 16.9 in
    W: 75.5 cm x H: 51 cm x D: 43 cm
  • Floor area: 3.2 sq ft | 0.3 m2.
  • Plant capacity: 25 plants per 1 module
  • 5 trays per module, 5 plants in each tray (5x5)
  • Vertically stackable; 3 modules max
  • Two finishes/colours available - choose between oak wood + white panels or oak wood + black panels