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EcoFlow 60W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Behold the cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly EcoFlow 60W Portable Solar Panel, an unparalleled source of power for your on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you're adventuring in nature, enjoying a camping trip or hiking excursion, or reveling in pre-game festivities with friends and family, this portable panel is specifically engineered to meet all of your outdoor energy demands while remaining light-weight yet robust. Additionally compact and able to fold up neatly into itself when not needed makes it manageable during travels!

Equipped with advanced solar energy technology, the EcoFlow 60W Portable Solar Panel showcases a remarkable power output of 60W. This feature allows you to charge your smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices expeditiously no matter where you go on your exciting escapades. Additionally, this panel is self-standing which provides convenience in allowing it to be positioned wherever desired without having necessity for extra support or help."

However, that is only the beginning of this remarkable item. The 60W Portable Solar Panel manufactured by EcoFlow has been created to persist through even the most challenging and severe environmental circumstances because its structure boasts both toughness and waterproofness. To further enhance its efficiency, it also includes a sturdy stand which supplies extra stability as well as convenience for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities making it absolutely ideal for such individuals!

Bid adieu to conventional energy sources forever and bask in the genuine might of sunlight with the EcoFlow 60W Portable Solar Panel.

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The mass of the object is 8.8 pounds, with the solar panel being a weight of 4.4 pounds on its own. The entirety of this product weighs significantly less than ten whole pounds combined between each component within it and can easily be carried by any individual for an extended amount without experiencing fatigue or discomfort from excess heaviness in their arms or hands while doing so due to the lightness present throughout both parts that comprise it as one final output result when pieced together entirely at first glance upon inspection either visually observing measurements given via data sheets provided online beforehand before proceeding with purchasing said items altogether as need arises depending on specific project type

One's measured energy: 60 watts added or subtracted by five.

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The kind of connection required is known as MC4.

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The confirmation of waterproofing: having an IP67 rating.

The type of cell in question is made up of single crystals composed entirely of Silicon material.

The temperature range for operation and storage is between minus four degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, or negative twenty degrees Celsius to eighty-five °C.