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EcoFlow DELTA + 220W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Behold, the freshest and most innovative line of electric-powered generators has arrived to supply you with endless power for prolonged durations no matter where or when. Within this collection is the distinguished DELTA generator from EcoFlow featuring cutting-edge X-Stream Technology that guarantees a fully charged battery in an hour; 10 times faster than ordinary rechargeable stations, providing optimal performance throughout extended use periods every single time!

The might of the DELTA generator lies in its formidable output capability. With six AC outlets, providing 1800W total capacity and a battery of 1260Wh; it is ideal for domestic appliances and heavy-duty DIY equipment that requires up to 1800W or as high as (3300W surge with pure sine wave). Whether you're facing power outages or emergencies, count on staying charged with the DELTA- your ultimate source of unlimited energy supply.

Apart from its pioneering charging speed and power output, the DELTA model also boasts EcoFlow's patented dual-faced solar panel. This feature has been designed to accumulate 25% greater solar energy thereby leading to faster-charging speeds for your mobile powerhouse. With a sole fragment of tempered glass that renders it five times stronger than most other panels on the market while withstanding temperatures up to 300°F; this portable device facilitates enhanced durability without compromising on portability as it is compact in size at only being ten percent smaller when compared against similar models boasting an impressive capacity rating of 220W.

The potential of DELTA is vast, for it can power up to thirteen devices at once. Its energy output could be harnessed not only for powering essential household appliances but also in creating a fresh brew or catching your favorite radio show. In addition, its capacity of 1260Wh and six AC outlets make this device an ideal choice that you can rely on whether working outdoors with heavy-duty equipment or engaging in everyday home activities."

DELTA's charging power stations are unbeatable in speed, providing a full recharge time of only 1.6 hours via AC input or as long as 13.5 hours with the use of a car adapter for either 12V or 24V outputs. On top of this, DELTA can also be recharged using four parallel-connected solar panels at an estimated rate between four and eight hours (with each panel rated at roughly110W), three connected solar panels producing about160W will require approximately3-7hours to fully charge up while one powerful400W-ratedpanel would take around4-8hoursto do so. In addition to its fast-charging capabilities, DELTA generator boasts two different models: the1300 modelandthe1000model.Optingforoneormoreoveranotherwill give you access to unique features and specifications suited specifically for that particular mode.For example,the NCM cell chemistry used within both generators allows themto perform optimally during every cyclewhile granting

Do not find yourself secluded without electricity, select the DELTA generator from EcoFlow. This product is an optimal solution for any and all of your electrical needs, whether you are indoors or outdoors in nature. The reliability of this item ensures that even when on a journey, you won't be left stranded with no power source to turn to!