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EcoFlow DELTA mini + 110W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Unlock your escapades with the latest innovation in technology - the PowerBox 1400. This small yet mighty dynamo comes complete with all that is required to ensure uninterrupted functionality and power for your electronic gadgets, regardless of where you may venture off to.

The PowerBox 1400 boasts impressive power generation capabilities, producing up to 1.7kWh of energy per day with a remarkable AC output featuring X-Boost technology that ensures rapid yet efficient charging for all your devices regardless of their size. Its conversion rate reaches as high as 23%, guaranteeing speedy charge times from zero to one hundred percent in just five hours using two sets or ten hours when only utilizing one set at full capacity.

Not solely does the PowerBox 1400 possess great potency, but it is also engineered to endure even in situations of utmost severity. The IP68 rating for dust and water resistance guarantees that your PowerBox 1400 will continue working regardless of any circumstance.

Regulate your PowerBox 1400 from a distance by utilizing the EcoFlow application. Observe solar power production, keep an eye on device energy consumption, and operate it remotely with internet access provided.

It is possible for you to relax with reassurance that your financial commitment will remain secure. This is due to our 24-month guarantee on the DELTA mini and one-year security assurance for the 110W Portable Solar Panel.

Weighing in at a mere 23.6 pounds (10.7 kg), the PowerBox 1400 is incredibly light and effortless to carry around, yet it still packs quite the wallop. Its impressive capacity of powering up to twelve devices with an output of 1400W ensures that all your essential tech gear as well as any convenient gadgets are always primed for use without interruption or delay.

The PowerBox 1400 is an excellent choice for those who desire expeditious charging, intelligent monitoring capabilities and sturdy, dependable power output.