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EcoFlow RIVER 2 + 110W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Introducing RIVER 2 - The Ultimate Portable Power Station for All Your Adventures!

Experience the fastest charging speed ever with RIVER 2. A mere hour is all it takes for your portable power station to reach its full, magnificent potential - a feat that surpasses other similar devices by fivefold and exceeds the quickness of previous models by an impressive 38%. With such expeditious charging capabilities at your fingertips, you'll never have to worry about being low on battery again. The 784Wh daily generating capacity and up to 23% conversion ensure a speedy solar charging speed, with 0-100% achieved in just 3 hours (1 set).

Safety and durability are paramount when it comes to RIVER 2. Rewrite: The cutting-edge apparatus, boasting a highly refined and technologically advanced LiFePO4 battery composition, possesses the remarkable capability of enduring more than 3000 cycles of charging and discharging - equivalent to an impressive ten years of non-stop operation. LFP cells make RIVER 2 safe, durable, and highly efficient, even in warm temperatures.

RIVER 2 is a compact device, but don't let that fool you - it has serious power thanks to the X-Boost feature. This mighty amplifier can generate an impressive AC output of up to 300W, which can be doubled for even more juice at a standout rate of almost all consumer electronics (upwards of nearly perfect). With the EcoFlow app and clever remote control option available too, managing your power station becomes effortless."

At a mere mass of 7.7 pounds, the newly updated RIVER iteration boasts an impressive weight reduction of approximately 30% when compared to its predecessor; thus rendering it exceptionally suited for all outdoor ventures ranging from leisurely camping trips down to festive sandy beach barbecues. The IP68 dust and water resistance ensure its safe use in harsh weather conditions.

The distinguished RIVER 2 model proffers a generous warranty of five years, instilling unwavering confidence in your investment. On the other hand, the Portable Solar Panel boasting an impressive power output of 110W comes with a slightly less extensive but nonetheless respectable one-year warrantee for added assurance.


Quantitative data pertaining to the power bank includes a capacity of 256Wh (20Ah at 12.8V), an approximate net weight of 7.8lbs, and dimensions measuring out to be approximately 9.6 inches in length by 8.5 inches in width by a height of about 5.7 inches; furthermore, there are several input/output ports that should be noted: AC Input requires between ranges from100-120 volts with frequency options being either50Hz or60Hz while also maintaining maximum wattage requirementsat360W Max respectively,Solar Input ranging from11-30Volts outputting110 W Inceteris Paribuswith no more thanan ampere limitof upto eight ampsas well as CarInputrequiring only twelveor twenty-four Volts whilstcapable handlinga hundred wattsmax.While consideringthe USB-C interface,the voltage range for bothinputandoutput liesbetween five throughtwentyvoltsxthree amperesgivingupto aproverbialsixty Watts max.There is an alternating current key match available allowing