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EcoFlow RIVER 2 Max + 160W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Indulge in unprecedented ease and authority with the RIVER 2 Max mobile power hub. Weighing a mere 13.2 pounds, this intimate and globetrotter-companionable energy repository creates up to 1.2kWh per diem while flaunting an elevated transformation ratio that ensures prompt solar boot-up tempo- charging from zilch to entirety within just four hours utilizing one kit."

The RIVER 2 Max has much more to offer than just swiftness and ease. Its creation was carefully thought out, with the implementation of a LiFePO4 battery and IP68 water resistance for longevity and steadfastness. Furthermore, there is an added bonus of assurance with both five years guaranteed on the RIVER 2 Max itself along with twelve months promised for the Portable Solar Panel generating up to one hundred sixty watts-ensuring you can exude calm knowing your investment will not go unanswered in times of need.

The charging speed of the RIVER 2 Max is exceptional, surpassing all other portable power stations in terms of swiftness. It only requires one hour to fully recharge, setting it apart from others and beating industry standards with a rate five times faster than any other similar products out there. The innovative LFP battery chemistry also contributes towards its longevity as it can be charged and depleted over 3000 occasions - guaranteeing up to a decade usage which translates into six times more life compared to mainstream options available for purchase.

When it comes to safety and reliability, the RIVER 2 Max can be relied upon with full assurance thanks to its TÜV Rheinland certification. This makes this portable power station stand out as the very first of its kind that has earned such a prestigious recognition. With an AC output rate reaching up to 500W, you can use appliances including sandwich makers or vacuums without any issue whatsoever. Plus for bigger tasks requiring even more energy, activating X-Boost mode will increase your wattage level all the way up to1000W which equates in being able run most essential household devices around eighty percent capacity!

Moving around with the RIVER 2 Max is no uphill task all thanks to its featherweight construction, weighing a mere six kilograms. This marks it as 22% lighter than its previous model and an impeccable energy reservoir for any outdoor journeys such as camping getaways or beachside barbeques.

The RIVER 2 Max offers a sturdy and dependable mobile energy source with specifications that stand out. Its power reservoir holds up to 512Wh, allowing for AC inputs of between 100-120V at either a frequency of 50Hz or one equaling sixty cycles per second; furthermore it reaches its maximum capacity at an impressive rate reaching as high as roughly around six hundred and sixty watts while solar input ranges from eleven volts all the way over fifty volts averaging thirteen amps provides two thousand two-hundred watts whereas car input rates vary according to either twelve volts or twenty-four depending on which is suitable reaping eight amperes whilst providing you with approximately one hundred more than standard wattage capability; It also has USB-C Input/Output capabilities ranging in voltage output sizes such as five, nine-twelve ,fifteen/twenty-volt capacities reading speeds up until about five amper

Seize command of your authority with the RIVER 2 Max's intelligent remote control, which can be accessed through the EcoFlow app for effortless power management. The discharge ranges from a fairly low temperature to over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit while charging spans thirty-two degree to one-hundred thirteen degree Fahrenheit; furthermore, operating temperatures that are optimal fall between twenty and thirty Celsius. For storage purposes it is best if kept at an average of sixty-eight to eighty-six-degree Fahrenheit or around twenty-five Celsius although usable conditions range anywhere from fourteen- fahrenheit below zero up until more than a hundred in excess depending on circumstances making this gadget incredibly versatile when it comes down your need for powerful electricity assistance..