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EcoFlow RIVER Pro + 160W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Allow us to present the supreme resolution for your off-grid expeditions - the dominant RIVER Pro! Featuring an enormous 720Wh of battery potential, this versatile dynamo guarantees a prompt and productive charging experience for all your gadgets. Regardless if you are trekking through nature or voyaging on wheels, the RIVER Pro ensures that you remain linked with society while being able to recharge several devices simultaneously.

The RIVER Pro can recharge quickly and easily using three different sources: your vehicle, solar panels, or standard AC outlets. Its conversion efficiency is 22%, making it highly effective at charging devices from a depleted state to fully charged in just over five hours. Additionally, the X-Boost mode outputs an impressive 1800W which efficiently powers up to nearly all electronic accessories enabling you seamless connectivity even on outdoor adventures.

Are you feeling concerned about severe weather? That won't be a problem anymore. The RIVER Pro has an outstanding rating of IP68 for both water and dust resistance, which makes it the perfect option to use in even the harshest surroundings. You can now venture out with assurance knowing that your device is capable of handling anything that might happen due to nature's elements."

Maintain command of your RIVER Pro from any location by utilizing the EcoFlow application. The application provides remote control capabilities for the device, guaranteeing consistent access to electricity. Experience carefree adventures with a 2-year warranty available for the RIVER Pro and a 12-month warranty accessible for use on the 160W Portable Solar Panel."

The RIVER Pro comes with 32 high-end monocrystalline silicon cells that offer you an array of ports to charge up to ten devices simultaneously. With a weight of 16.8lbs and measurements spanning from 11.4 x7 .1to9 .3 inches, this gadget is both easily transportable and convenient for all your outdoor ventures."

Moreover, the Portable Solar Panel with 160W capacity contains a rating of efficiency between 21% to 22%, resulting in charging devices faster and more efficiently. Its lightweight design allows for it weighing only eleven pounds that can be conveniently folded and brought on any expeditions you may take. A reliable source of energy is provided by its solar connector variety, making connectivity safe and effortless regardless of your location or situation.

By utilizing the RIVER Pro and accompanying 160W Portable Solar Panel, you can confidently revel in your outdoor escapades without reservation. What is stopping you from attaining this freedom? Acquire the RIVER Pro immediately and embark upon your forthcoming excursion!