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EcoFlow Smart Home Panel Combo(13 relay modules)

by EcoFlow
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Experience uninterrupted power and achieve sustainability with the new EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. This innovative system provides a flexible and eco-friendly solution for your energy needs, ensuring that your essential home appliances remain powered during blackouts. The EcoFlow app allows you to control your power use, monitor energy consumption, and manage your power sources, giving you complete control over your energy needs.

Say goodbye to blackouts with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel.

When blackouts occur, the Smart Home Panel immediately switches to your 10 integrated circuits and draws power from your DELTA Pro(s). You can enjoy uninterrupted power with a mere 20ms switchover time, ensuring that you barely notice a loss of power. With the potential to expand capacity and output by supporting and fast charging up to two DELTA Pro(s) at a time, you can enjoy 240V, 7200W output, and 25kWh of capacity. This is more than enough to power all your home appliances and deliver days of power during blackouts.

Customize your power usage and save on electricity bills.

The EcoFlow app allows you to customize your power usage based on your needs. You can optimize for home backup, save money on electricity bills, or choose custom options to schedule your energy use. During peak energy use hours, draw power from your DELTA Pro(s) to power your home and lower your electricity bills. During off-peak hours, use low-cost/renewable energy to charge your DELTA Pro(s) back to full. With the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, you can easily reduce your reliance on the grid and achieve power self-sufficiency.

Enjoy the benefits of the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel.

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel comes with everything you need to get started, including the Smart Home Panel, Infinity Cable, Wall Mounts, Wire Connectors, and User Manual. With one Infinity Cable included, you can connect one Delta Pro. If you have two Delta Pro(s), you will need to purchase one more Infinity Cable. Opt for EcoFlow’s range of portable solar panels to store energy at any time. If there is no sun or wind, charge via the grid. If a blackout hits, lean on the EcoFlow Smart Generator as a last resort to charge your batteries.

Make the switch to the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel today and enjoy uninterrupted power, cost savings, and sustainability.