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Marseille Basil Plant Pods

Marseille Basil Plant Pods

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Elevate your culinary game by growing Marseille Basil, a French heirloom cultivar, in your indoor herb garden! Known for its bountiful yields and versatility in cooking, this basil variety is sometimes referred to as the 'queen of fragrance' due to its strong, slightly licorice aroma. Marseille Basil is perfect for anyone who loves to cook with basil and wants to add a unique twist to their dishes.

Here are some benefits of growing Click & Grow Marseille Basil:

  1. Easy to grow in a Click & Grow smart indoor garden.
  2. A rich source of vitamins, essential minerals, and antioxidants, making it a healthy addition to your diet.
  3. Experience a garden-to-plate journey right from your own kitchen.
  4. By following plant care tips on the Click & Grow app, you can increase yield and get the highest nutritional value from your harvest.

Experience the unique flavor and aroma of Marseille Basil by growing it in your indoor herb garden. Start growing your own supply today with Click & Grow!