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Riverstone MONT Greenhouse Premium

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Behold the MONT Greenhouse, an unparalleled selection for cultivating plants indoors. The MONT distinguishes itself with its exceptional traits and sturdy construction, made of premium-grade extruded aluminum in the United States. Unlike other flimsy greenhouses that resort to frail metal frames, this greenhouse stands tall with 40 lbs more aluminium than average imported ones which reinforces it against even snow loads while enduring up to winds as rapid as 65 MPH!

The MONT Greenhouse is built with top-of-the-line 8mm twin wall polycarbonate that delivers superior insulation properties and helps maintain a comfortable temperature during hot months. The premium package includes essential gardening equipment such as commercial work benches, an Interior Shade System, Programmable Watering System, along with the one of its kind greenhouse sink. Not only does it come inbuilt with rainwater gutter system but also has integrated base to ensure hassle-free indoor planting experience while automatic roof vent opener adds convenience for ventilation purposes."

Gardening enthusiasts with lofty statures will appreciate the MONT greenhouse. Standing tall at 7ft 6in, it provides ample headroom for comfortable movement inside. The doors have been revamped and now feature a double-hinged design measuring in at almost six feet high and four-and-a-half-feet wide, allowing easy transfer of plants both in and out of the structure. Should additional space be necessary to support your thriving garden collection, an optional extension kit is available which measures four feet long - meeting any further growing requirements you may encounter along the way."

Supported by the most robust warranty in the industry, which lasts for a decade and covers both polycarbonate and frame components, MONT is an intelligent decision for any interior horticulturist. The product comes in dimensions ranging from 8 ft x 8 ft to 8ft x24ft. Putting it together can be done quickly with ease since there are fully illustrated instructions included; we advise at least two people to build it over one whole weekend (which includes ground preparation).

Discover the unparalleled uniqueness of MONT and enhance your indoor gardening endeavors. With pride, crafted and fashioned in the United States!