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Riverstone Raised Garden Bed with Trellis (4FT x 4FT x 11IN)

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Elevate your gardening prowess with the Eden Raised Garden Bed that incorporates a Trellis feature. This two-in-one garden innovation is ideal for DIY green-fingers searching for both functional and aesthetically appealing options. The raised bed integrated with trellis consists of solid fir wood, resistant to rotting, ensuring prolonged use through multiple seasons in years ahead. Over eight hundred millimeters tall measuring four feet by four feet wide; there's ample space provided for deep-rooted plants together with perennials accommodated on this elevated platform. Climbing vegetables such as beans utilize an additional forty-four inches height from the incorporated lattice work known as "trellises." Assembling it all initially may seem challenging but be assured you won't need more than sixty minutes using components included alongside only one Philips screwdriver tool required! A locking mechanism widely referred to as “Lincoln logs” helps secure its structure while reinforced panels prevent warps over time making sure durability isn’t undermined due to weather elements or constant usage. Both components comprising of raised bed and trellis are built utilizing very sturdy non-rotting firwood providing unbeatable reliability when tending even forest understory bulbs like trilliums past flowering season; therefore buying into upgrading will surely benefit those seeking easy-to-assemble practical planting solutions without stretching their pockets too thin especially given how unyielding nature affects soil quality nowadays. Get yours today!

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The durable fir wood does not decay easily. Firwood, being a sturdy material, has high resistance to rotting. One can rely on the strength of solid firwood that stays intact even after prolonged exposure to water and moisture. Due to its robustness, it is difficult for fungal agents or bacteria to decompose firmwoood over time. This strong type of lumber is known for withstanding harsh weather conditions while resisting mold growth at the same time. You can count on this kind of timber when building structures exposed frequently used in outdoor environments as opposed softer woods.

Incorporates a lattice measuring 44 inches in length along with its associated equipment.

The process of gathering the pieces together and forming a whole unit takes mere moments.

The innovative structure permits the incorporation of secure grounding within.

The manufacturer's name is EDEN and the material used to construct this item is solid fir wood. A limited warranty of one year comes with it, and its country of origin can be traced back to China. The garden bed frame, trellis, as well as all required hardware are included in your purchase.