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Exaco Aerobin 400 Insulated Compost Bin

Exaco Aerobin 400 Insulated Compost Bin

by Exaco
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The Aerobin 400 Composter is a revolutionary product that promotes aerobic breakdown of organic matter without requiring any extra work such as turning. It uses a patented lung® or aeration core within a sealed bin to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The composting process is accelerated due to thermal insulation which conserves heat and works efficiently year-round, even in cooler regions. Additionally, the Aerobin 400 is pet and rodent resistant, has little odor, and can kill noxious weeds and seeds.


  • The Aerobin 400 is easy to use with just a simple open, drop, and close mechanism.
  • It has a large capacity of 400 liters or 113 gallons, making it suitable for both kitchen and garden waste.
  • The insulated side walls and lid enable year-round operation by retaining heat generated by the composting process and preventing cold ambient air from reaching the biomass.
  • It includes a base and a Leachate Tank for collection of liquid nutrients dispelled from the biomass.
  • No additional accessories or tools are required for operation.
  • The vermin-resistant design ensures that rodents and other animals cannot access the compost.
  • The Aerobin 400 composts quickly and effectively due to the moisture recirculation system and promotes lower GHG emissions.
  • After a short time, fertile compost is produced, which is easily accessed via the lower side door.
  • It comes with a reservoir at the bottom to collect the leachate, which when diluted makes for great "compost-tea" liquid fertilizer. It also comes with a hose and tap.


  • Capacity: 400 liters, 113 gallons.
  • The compost bin is insulated with thermal walls and lid.
  • The compost bin is pet and rodent resistant.
  • The compost bin has a moisture recirculation system.
  • The compost bin requires no additional accessories or tools.
  • The compost bin promotes lower GHG emissions.