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GreenBroz Alchemist 420 Dry Sifter Trichome Extractor

GreenBroz Alchemist 420 Dry Sifter Trichome Extractor

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The 420 Alchemist dry sift trichome extractor is engineered with four robust stainless steel dry sift screens, renowned for their durability. Offering exceptional trichome extraction rates of 15% to 25% of trim weight, this extractor, in tandem with the quad trichome extraction screens, yields superior results, making it an ideal choice for large LPs aiming to boost profits through dry sift trichome extraction. Its configurability allows the addition of various screen sizes or the use of dry ice to chill trichomes, enabling ice-cold yields and maximizing processing throughput.


Unleash the True Beauty of Your Harvest with GreenBroz Alchemist 420

Unlock the full potential of your harvest with the GreenBroz Alchemist 420. This solvent-free extractor, whether used independently or with dry ice, employs '180 Micron' screens for maximum yield and top-tier product quality, ensuring you extract the most value from your trim.

Product Overview


What's Included?

Warranty Policy

Product Overview

Elevate your extraction game with the GreenBroz Alchemist 420, a dry-sift, solvent-free extractor designed for maximum harvest yield. Whether standalone or with dry ice, its '180 Micron' screens ensure premium quality. Crafted with surgical-grade stainless steel, it features adjustable settings, whisper-quiet motor, and a trichome collection bin. With a yield of 15%-25%, it accommodates 8-10 pounds of trim, making it a robust, efficient solution for your extraction needs. The heavy-duty stainless steel stand and lock handle enhance usability, while the three-year warranty underscores reliability. Compatible with international power requirements, the Alchemist 420 promises exceptional performance and longevity.

GreenBroz Alchemist 420

The 420 Alchemist dry sift trichome extractor boasts four robust stainless steel screens designed for durability and longevity. Achieve impressive yields of 15% to 25% of your trim's weight, producing high-quality dry sift keif. With configurable options to add different screen sizes, this extractor allows you to adjust trichome extraction rates. Utilize dry ice for ice-cold yields, maximizing throughput and making the 420 Alchemist an ideal choice for large-scale operations seeking increased margins through efficient dry sift trichome extraction.

Stainless Steel Screens

Quad Trichome Extraction Screens

Durable Construction

Adjustable Settings

Highlighted Features of the GreenBroz Alchemist 420


The 420 Alchemist dry sift trichome extractor is equipped with four large and durable stainless steel dry sift screens. Designed to withstand heavy use, these screens ensure longevity and robust performance, making the extractor a reliable and efficient tool for your trichome extraction needs.


Achieve outstanding results with the 420 Alchemist dry sift trichome extractor, extracting 15% to 25% of your trim's weight to produce high-quality dry sift keif. The combination of a high trichome extraction rate and the inclusion of quad trichome extraction screens ensures exceptional performance. This makes the 420 Alchemist an ideal choice for large Licensed Producers (LPs) seeking to enhance profit margins through efficient and effective dry sift trichome extraction processes.


Experience unparalleled flexibility with the 420 Alchemist dry sift trichome extractor by effortlessly incorporating various screen sizes to customize trichome extraction rates. Take advantage of the extractor's adaptability by introducing dry ice, creating an environment for trichomes to chill. This innovative approach allows the dry sifter to excel, delivering ice-cold yields and maximizing your throughput, making it an adaptable and efficient tool for your trichome extraction processes.

More About GreenBroz Alchemist 420


The dry sift screen on the 420 Alchemist trichome extractor are removable and cleanable. This makes it ease to collect all of your trichome gold and allows you to max your dry sift extraction.


The 420 Alchemists all stainless steel design keeps your LP clean and sterile. Lets you create the most pure bud extracts. Its frame also features an exhaust port. Allowing you to use dry ice to increase your dry sift extraction throughput.


The 420 Alchemist dry sift extractor features latches to secure the 4 trichome extraction points. It also features a lock to ensure the dry sift tumbler does not move when collecting your trichome extractions..


Meet the 420 Alchemist Trichome Extractor – Your Ultimate Solution for Transforming Trim into Profits. This state-of-the-art extraction system is not only solvent-free but also guarantees food safety, ensuring the highest quality of your final product.

Precisely Crafted: This dry-sift extraction system is ingeniously designed to maximize your harvest's potential, allowing you to extract an impressive 15-25% of its weight in kief

The 420 Alchemist trichome extractor features removable and cleanable screens for effortless trichome gathering. Unlock the full potential of your dry sift extraction with ease. Crafted from stainless steel, it ensures a clean and sterile environment for pure plant extracts.

The 420 Alchemist trichome extractor is equipped with secure latches to firmly hold extraction points in place, ensuring a seamless process. A built-in lock keeps the tumbler steady during the collection of valuable trichome extractions.

Redefining Efficiency in Technology

Dry Sift Trichome Extractor

Food-Grade Stainless Steel, HDPE

10lb capacity

Dimensions: 51"H x 37.25"W x 41.25"L

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand

Power: 110VAC, 60Hz - 220VAC, 50Hz

4 180 Micron Screens

Gross Weight: 189 Pounds

Adjustable Timer

Optional 80 or 135 Micron

Adjustable Side Shelf

Quad Trichome Extraction Points

Locking Panels

Locking Frame

FAQ Section

How many screens does the 420 Alchemist dry sift trichome extractor include?
The extractor features four large stainless steel dry sift screens.
What is the recommended yield percentage with the 420 Alchemist?
The extractor can yield 15% to 25% of the trim's weight in high-quality dry sift keif.
Can I adjust trichome extraction rates with different screen sizes?
Yes, the extractor allows easy addition of different screen sizes for adjustable trichome extraction rates.
Is the 420 Alchemist suitable for large-scale operations?
Absolutely, the extractor is an excellent choice for large Licensed Producers (LPs) aiming to increase margins through efficient dry sift trichome extraction.
Can the 420 Alchemist be used with dry ice?
Yes, the extractor is designed to be compatible with dry ice, providing the option for ice-cold yields.
Does the 420 Alchemist come with a warranty?
Yes, the extractor is backed by a three-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring reliability and support.
What is the construction material of the screens?
The screens are made of durable stainless steel, designed to last through heavy use.
Does the extractor operate quietly?
Yes, the extractor features a whisper-quiet motor for a quieter working environment.
Is there a warranty for this product?
Please check the warranty tab on this page for warranty information.
How long will shipping take?
Please check our shipping policy here for shipping information.
What is the return policy?
Please check our return policy here for return policy information.


GreenBroz Alchemist 420
Brand GreenBroz
Capacity 10lb
Gross Weight 189 Pounds
Dimensions 51"H x 37.25"W x 41.25"L
Construction 4 180 Micron Screens
Warranty 3 Year
Power 110VAC, 60Hz - 220VAC, 50Hz

Items in the box

GreenBroz Alchemist 420

Four Large Dry Sift Screens

Trichome Collection Bin

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Stand

Lock Handle

User manual

Warranty Policy

GreenBroz products come with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.