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TrolMaster Hydro-X Controller w/ 3-in-1 Sensor (Temp / Humid / Light)

TrolMaster Hydro-X Controller w/ 3-in-1 Sensor (Temp / Humid / Light)

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Is The TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Control System Right for Me?

If you're into indoor growing and hydroponics, the TrolMaster Hydro-X Environment Control System is a game-changer. It's perfect for managing temperature, humidity, and light conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive environment control
  • 3-in-1 Sensor for temperature, humidity, and light
  • Easy installation with included cable set
  • Optimized for indoor growing and hydroponics

Why You Should Buy TrolMaster Hydro-X Over Other Options

TrolMaster Hydro-X offers unparalleled control over your indoor growing environment. Its 3-in-1 sensor and easy installation set it apart from other options.


  • Comprehensive environment control system
  • 3-in-1 Sensor for temperature, humidity, and light
  • Includes cable set for easyinstallation
  • Optimized for indoor growing and hydroponics

HydroX: Your Ultimate Lighting Solution

HydroX is a revolutionary lighting system designed to provide the ultimate lighting experience. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, HydroX is the perfect solution for creating customized lighting environments in any space.HydroX offers unprecedented levels of customization, allowing you to fine-tune every aspect of your lighting. Whether you have LED bulbs, smart lights, or traditional fixtures, HydroX can adapt and control them effortlessly. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and enjoy the convenience of a unified lighting control system.

Features & Benefits


Product Details

Warranty Policy

Product Overview

HydroX is an innovative lighting system that revolutionizes the way we experience and control lighting. With its customizable features, seamless integration, intuitive interface, smart efficiency, enhanced connectivity, and reliable performance, HydroX offers the ultimate lighting solution for any space. Whether you're looking to create the perfect ambiance at home or enhance the lighting experience in a commercial setting, HydroX provides unparalleled control and customization. With HydroX, you can effortlessly adjust color temperature, brightness, and dynamic lighting effects to suit your preferences and needs. Its compatibility with various lighting fixtures ensures easy integration, while the intuitive control interface allows for effortless management.

Master Your Grow: Exceptional Results Await!

Never compromise on your hydroponic success, even during unexpected power outages. Introducing the Hydro X, your ultimate solution to keep your grow thriving effortlessly. Designed for long-lasting operation, HydroX delivers reliable performance and durability.

Button control

Customizable settings

Free smartphone app

3-in-1 Sensor for temperature, humidity, and light

Easy installation with included cable set

Stay Connected

Modular Design

Optimized for indoor growing

Highlighted Features of the Hydro-X System

Full Control

The Hydro-X stands out as a remarkable control system for grow rooms, offering comprehensive control capabilities in a single device. With its extensive range of control modules, including over 17 different types, the Hydro-X provides users with the ability to connect and control various equipment in their grow rooms.

Grow Remotely

TrolMaster smartphone app, available for free, growers can remotely monitor and control their grow room atmosphere from anywhere. This means you are no longer chained to your grow room, allowing you to have flexibility and freedom while still maintaining control over crucial environmental conditions.

Modular Design

Hydro-X Environment Control System's unique ability to provide complete control and customization, its modular design, and compatibility with various lighting systems make it an exceptional choice for growers. By allowing precise control over every aspect of the grow room and accommodating different lighting brands and products.

Difference Between Hydro X Controllers


Model: Hydro-X (HCS-1)

Size: 5" LCD Display

Control: Button Control

Firmware Update: Micro-SD

MAX Number Of Sensors: 13

MAX Number Of Control Modules: 13

Hydro-X Plus

Hydro-X Plus (HCS-3)

7" LED Screen





Hydro-X Pro

Hydro-X Pro (HCS-2)

10.1" LED Screen



Up to 50 different sensors in combination

Up to 50 different sensors in combination

FAQ Section

What are the different models available for the TrolMaster Hydro X Controller?
The TrolMaster Hydro X Controller is available in three different models: Hydro-X, Hydro-X Plus, and Hydro-X Pro. Each model offers different features and settings to meet the specific needs of growers.
What types of systems can the TrolMaster Hydro X Controller control?
The TrolMaster Hydro X Controller can control various systems including grow lights brands, HVAC systems, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and CO2 generators or regulators. It provides comprehensive control over the environmental conditions in a growing space.
How does the TrolMaster Hydro X Controller record data from sensors?
The TrolMaster Hydro X Controller can record data from sensors onto a MicroSD card. This allows growers to analyze and monitor the environmental conditions over time, making adjustments as needed for optimal plant growth.
What is the difference between the Hydro-X, Hydro-X Plus, and Hydro-X Pro models of the TrolMaster Hydro X Controller?
The Hydro-X, Hydro-X Plus, and Hydro-X Pro models of the TrolMaster Hydro X Controller offer different features and settings. The Hydro-X Plus and Hydro-X Pro models have more advanced features and settings, including support for up to 50 different sensors and control modules.
How can the TrolMaster Hydro X Controller be accessed remotely?
The TrolMaster Hydro X Controller can be accessed remotely through the TrolMaster App. This allows growers to monitor and control their growing environment from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet.
What other products are included in the TrolMaster Hydro-X Environmental Control System?
The TrolMaster Hydro-X Environmental Control System includes the Aqua-X Irrigation Control System, Tent-X Grow Tent System, and Carbon-X CO2 System. These products work together to provide comprehensive control over the hydroponic and indoor gardening setup.
What support and services are provided by TrolMaster for their products?
TrolMaster provides support for their products through a Q&A system, firmware updates, and warranty services. They also offer a trained installer program and an API gateway for more advanced users. Technical support can be reached at the provided phone number and email address.
Is there a warranty for this product?
Please check the warranty tab on this page for warranty information.
How long will shipping take?
Please check our shipping policy here for shipping information.
What is the return policy?
Please check our return policy here for return policy information.


Hydro X HCS-1
Brand TrolMaster
Weight (lb.) 4
Lead Time This product ships in 1-2 weeks
Length (in.) 10
Width (in.) 6.4
Height (in.) 2.4
Warranty 3 Year
Prop 65 No
Controller Functions Temperature Control, Humidity Control, Ventilation Control, Cycle Timer Control, CO2 Control, Lighting Control, Temp & Humidity Monitors
Remote Sensor Yes
Number of Zones Dual Zone
Humidity Setting Range 5-95%
Temp Setting Range 0-59C
Has Photocell Yes
Display Readout Type LED Display
Voltage 12 Volts
Amps 500 mA
UL Listed No

Product Details

Hydro-X Environment Controller (x1)

3-in-1 Sensor for Temperature, Light, and Humidity (x1)

RJ12 Cable Set (x1)

Male-to-Male 16ft RJ12 Cable (x1)

Male-to-Male 4ft RJ12 Cable (x1)

RJ12 T-Splitter (x1)

Warranty Policy

We will accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Once the product is returned to the warehouse, you will be refunded the product cost minus shipping within 14 days. We provide a three-year warranty for the mechanical and electronic components of the HCS-1 Hydro-X Environment Control System, starting from the original date of purchase. To avail of the warranty service, customers need to return the system in its original packaging.It's important to note that the warranty covers normal operating conditions, and components that fail due to abnormal usage are excluded from the warranty coverage.

For More Details: Read our Return Policy