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TrolMaster Tent-X Main Controller

TrolMaster Tent-X Main Controller

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The Trolmaster TentX Controller is an advanced and innovative solution designed specifically for managing the environmental conditions within indoor gardening tents. With its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, this controller empowers growers to optimize their plant cultivation and achieve exceptional results. The TentX Controller offers precise control over key environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and lighting schedules. By maintaining optimal conditions, growers can create the perfect environment for their plants to thrive, ensuring healthier growth, increased yield, and improved overall quality. Featuring a sleek and compact design, the TentX Controller is easy to install and integrates seamlessly into any indoor garden setup. Its intuitive LCD display and simple navigation menus make it effortless to configure and monitor the desired parameters. The controller also offers multiple language options, ensuring accessibility for growers worldwide. One of the standout features of the TentX Controller is its extensive connectivity capabilities. It can be easily linked with various sensors, such as temperature and humidity probes, CO2 sensors, and light sensors, allowing growers to gather precise data and make informed decisions based on real-time measurements. Additionally, the controller supports wireless connectivity, enabling remote monitoring and control via a dedicated mobile app. The Trolmaster TentX Controller goes beyond basic environmental control by offering advanced features like data logging, customizable programming, and smart automation. With its data logging capability, users can analyze historical data to gain insights into the performance of their growing environment over time. The customizable programming feature allows growers to create intricate schedules for lighting, CO2 dosing, and other environmental adjustments, tailored to the specific needs of their crops. The smart automation function simplifies the cultivation process by automating routine tasks, reducing manual intervention, and ensuring consistent conditions for optimal plant health. Built with precision and reliability in mind, the TentX Controller is crafted using high-quality components and features advanced safety features to protect both the controller and the connected equipment. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it a long-lasting investment for indoor growers.


Maximize Your Irrigation Control with TrolMaster Tent-X

The Trolmaster TentX Controller is a powerful and versatile tool for indoor gardeners seeking precise control over their grow tent environment. With its advanced features, accurate monitoring capabilities, and user-friendly interface, the TentX Controller empowers growers to create optimal conditions for their plants, ultimately maximizing yields and achieving successful cultivation outcomes.

Features & Benefits


Product Details

Warranty Policy

Product Overview

The Trolmaster TentX Controller is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution designed for indoor gardeners. Specifically developed for grow tents, this advanced controller offers precise environmental control to optimize plant growth and productivity. It allows growers to monitor and regulate key parameters such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in real-time. Additionally, the TentX Controller provides light control and data logging capabilities, enabling users to analyze trends and make informed decisions. With its expandable nature and intuitive interface, the TentX Controller empowers growers to create the ideal growing conditions, leading to successful cultivation and maximum yields.

Master Your Grow: Exceptional Results Await!

Experience uninterrupted control over your grow tent environment with TentX, the ultimate solution for consistent growth and maximum yields.

Environmental Monitoring

Climate Control

Modular Design & Fully Customizable

Light Control

Data Logging and Analysis

User-Friendly Interface

Irrigation Compact Hydroponic Control System

Smartphone Control

Highlighted Features of the Tent-X System

CO2 Regulation

The controller provides precise control over CO2 levels within the grow tent. Carbon dioxide supplementation can significantly enhance plant growth, and the TentX Controller allows growers to maintain optimal CO2 concentrations by automating the injection or exhaust of CO2 as needed.

Light Control

The TentX Controller also supports light control, allowing growers to program and automate lighting schedules for their plants. This feature ensures consistent and adequate lighting, replicating natural sunlight cycles and promoting healthy growth patterns.

Expansion Capability

The TentX Controller is designed to be expandable, offering compatibility with additional sensors and devices. This enables growers to integrate supplemental equipment such as CO2 generators, dehumidifiers, or fans, further enhancing the control and customization of their grow tent environment.

FAQ Section

What modules can be controlled by the TrolMaster Tent X Controller?
The TrolMaster Tent X Controller can control environment modules such as lighting adapters and CO2 modules, as well as Aqua modules like water content, EC, and pH sensors.
What sensors are included with the TrolMaster Tent X Controller?
The TrolMaster Tent X Controller comes with a 3-in-1 temperature, humidity, and light/photocell sensor for accurate environmental monitoring.
Can additional environmental sensors be connected to the TrolMaster Tent X Controller?
Yes, the TrolMaster Tent X Controller has a SENSOR port for connecting additional environmental sensors.
How can the TrolMaster Tent X Controller be monitored and controlled remotely?
The TrolMaster Tent X Controller can be remotely monitored and controlled using the TM+Pro app.
Is the TrolMaster Tent X Controller suitable for larger grows?
Yes, the TrolMaster Tent X Controller is suitable for larger grows and provides access to all modules at the price of one station.
What other products are compatible with the TrolMaster Tent X Controller?
The TrolMaster Tent X Controller is compatible with various climate sensors, lighting control adapters, temperature and humidity control devices, and other control adapters and cables.
Can the TrolMaster Tent X Controller be controlled via smartphone?
Yes, the TrolMaster Tent X Controller can be controlled via smartphone and has data logging capabilities.
Is there a warranty for this product?
Please check the warranty tab on this page for warranty information.
How long will shipping take?
Please check our shipping policy here for shipping information.
What is the return policy?
Please check our return policy here for return policy information.


Tent-X System
Brand TrolMaster
Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Certifications ETL/FCC
Max Number of Lighting Fixtures 256*2
Max Distance of Device Connected 1000 meters
3-in-1 (Temp/Humid/Light) Sensor Max 1pc per set
CO2 Sensor Max 1pc per set
Full Spectrum Quantum Sensor Max 1pc per set
Smoke Detector Max 1pc per set
AMP-3 Sensor Board (pH/EC/Temp) Max 1pc per set
Water Content Sensor Max 1pc per set
Water Detector Max 2pc per set
Temp Device Stations Max 2pc per set
Humid Device Stations Max 2pc per set
CO2 Device Stations Max 2pc per set
Program Device Stations Max 4pc per set
EC Fan Control Adapter Max 2pc per set

Product Details

Tent-X Controller (x1)

Temp / Humid / Light 3-in-1 Sensor (x1)

RJ12 Cable Set for Light Connection (x1)

RJ12 T-splitter (x1)

Warranty Policy

We will accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Once the product is returned to the warehouse, you will be refunded the product cost minus shipping within 14 days. We provide a three-year warranty for the mechanical and electronic components of the TCS-1 Tent-X Environment Control System, starting from the original date of purchase. To avail of the warranty service, customers need to return the system in its original packaging.It's important to note that the warranty covers normal operating conditions, and components that fail due to abnormal usage are excluded from the warranty coverage.

For More Details: Read our Return Policy