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BVV 50L Double Jacketed Glass Reactor

BVV 50L Double Jacketed Glass Reactor

by BVV
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BVV™ Double Jacketed Glass Reactors

The BVV™ Double Jacketed Glass Reactors are ideal for reaction applications involving extreme temperatures. They include an inner jacket for cooling or heating and an outer jacket for vacuum insulation. The outer jacket also alleviates moisture buildup so you can always see exactly what's happening inside the system.

Jacketed Reaction vessels are used for synthetic reactions of different types of materials in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. Reaction Vessels can be used as an all-in-one tool for extraction, refinement, distillation, and homogenization. Consisting of an inner vessel with either one or two jackets, a reactor uses temperature differentials created by a chiller to change its internal environment. Reaction vessels also operate under vacuum making them ideal for any atmospheric sensitive applications. They can be made out of glass or stainless steel and range in volume from 1L to 100L+.

To run a reaction vessel most efficiently, you will need a chiller capable of bringing the internal temperature of the vessel to an extreme low, a chemical-resistant vacuum pump, and a cold trap to catch any vapors that might pass through the condenser during operation. BVV™ Jacketed Reaction vessels are simple, cost-effective, and durable machines that allow you to process material quickly and efficiently.

Spec Detail
Glass Material GG-17 High Borosilicate Glass
Internal Volume 50L
Jacket Capacity 10.5L
Shelf Material Aluminum Alloy
Homogenizer Power 110V/60Hz
Homogenizer Speed 0-400 RPM
Homogenizer Control Digital
Temperature Probe Digital temperature probe readout included
Jacket Type Double Jacket
Jacket Connections 3/4" Jacket Connections
Vacuum Connections 1/4" and 3/8" Vacuum Connections
Dimensions Length: 24 in., Width: 30 in., Height: 90 in.

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