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AC Infinity Cloudway T12 Whole House Exhaust Fan 1600 CFM

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PRESENTING the ultimate whole-house attic fan that brings efficient cooling and ventilation to your entire home. This high-performance fan system is designed to extract hot air from your indoor spaces, replacing it with fresh air through passive intake. With a large 12-inch duct size, the fan unit boasts an airflow capacity of 1604 CFM, ensuring optimal ventilation for your home.


Included in the fan system is a sophisticated digital controller equipped with programming for temperature and humidity, as well as customization options for scheduling and controlling fan speed. The intelligent thermostat constantly keeps track of your indoor environment, activating the fan when necessary due to excessive heat or moisture levels. You have complete control over adjusting noise level and cooling ability by personalizing the 0-10 range of available speeds. Displayed on an energy-conserving LCD screen are convenient features like alerts, backup memory functionality, along with unobstructed access to a sensor probe that extends up to twelve feet using a cord."


Unlike traditional fans that consume high levels of power, our fan system features a cutting-edge PWM-controlled EC motor, allowing for ultra-quiet and highly efficient operation. Its 50,000-hour continuous run lifespan and dual ball bearings ensure that it's built to last. The fan system is IP-44 rated for resistance to dust and moisture, making it ideal for humid environments. Equipped with a 2-door shutter system, the insulated damper features gravity-fed shutters that keep attic air from infiltrating your living space when the fan is not in use.

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Our fan system boasts a noise level of only 62 decibels, distinguishing it as one of the most silent options available and exceeding its competitors. The complete package includes four-layer ducting material, clamps made from durable stainless steel, and an easily installed grille which all come together seamlessly. This equipment measures at 12.3 x 17.7 x14..1 inches to ensure easy accommodation in attics without any potential issues while dual-ball bearings allow versatile mounting positions for added convenience."

Investing in our whole-house attic fan system guarantees optimal cooling and ventilation for your home while also helping you save energy costs. Get yours today and experience the ultimate home ventilation solution.