AC Infinity Cloudlab 894 - 8x4 Grow Tent w/ 2000d Diamond Mylar Canvas 96" x 48" x 80" — Green Thumb Depot
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AC Infinity Cloudlab 894 - 8x4 Grow Tent 96" x 48" x 80"

AC Infinity Cloudlab 894 - 8x4 Grow Tent 96" x 48" x 80"

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Introducing the ultimate indoor grow tent designed for year-round plant cultivation. Our advanced grow tent is equipped with a durable frame made of 50% thicker steel poles, which can carry twice the weight of standard grow tents. The higher density 2000D canvas material is used to prevent light leaks and the diamond mylar interior enhances light reflectivity for optimal plant growth.

With a future-ready design, this grow tent features a controller mounting plate with a passthrough to ensure no light-leak cable management. The 96” x 48” x 80” size can accommodate up to 18 plants and comes with a viewing window for easy plant observation. Additionally, our kit includes a reflective floor tray and a tool bag for your convenience. Experience the best indoor gardening environment with our advanced grow tent.


The CLOUDLAB series grow tent offers complete control over indoor growing conditions, with a quick-view observation window and a waterproof oxford canvas of 2000D thickness for enhanced durability and light-proofing. The inner walls feature cross-patterned diamond mylar, which maximizes grow light output and provides maximum reflectivity. An inner ribbon stitching seals the zippers to prevent light leaks, and the duct ports have a double cinching design for reinforced light-proofing. The tent also comes equipped with a waterproof floor tray, a built-in tool bag, and a mounting plate for your controller.


This grow tent features a sturdy steel frame with 22mm diameter poles, compared to the standard 18mm poles in other tents. The corners and roof beams provide robust support, with the ability to hold up to 150 pounds of grow equipment when hung at intersecting points. The steel poles are protected by a metallic finish, offering both durability and an attractive appearance.


With the CLOUDLAB series, you can grow your plants year-round in the comfort of your home. Place it in any room, from your closet to your garage, and control the growing environment. The air venting screen and floor duct port, when used with an intake fan, provide fresh air to the tent, and the observation window allows for monitoring growth while preserving the internal environment. The built-in tool bag conveniently stores and organizes your grow accessories.