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Urban Worm - Coco Coir, Castings & Thermometer Bundle

Urban Worm - Coco Coir, Castings & Thermometer Bundle

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Are you interested in taking your composting to the next level? A solution is within reach with the Urban Worm Bag, a complete kit that provides all necessary items for starting out. The comprehensive package includes an assortment of premium-quality materials such as two bricks of Urban Worm Coco Coir bedding and two Urban Worm Blankets. In addition, one can find an invaluable tool in the form of an accurate thermometer designed by experts at Urban Worm which will help maintain optimal temperature levels during fermentation processes lastly featuring six-frame cross straps ensuring stability on any surface no matter how rough or uneven it may be!

The Urban Worm Bag provides an exceptional level of comfort that simplifies the process of composting both food and yard waste with little difficulty. Additionally, by utilizing its compact structure you can effortlessly decrease your carbon footprint while simultaneously creating organic fertilizer for your plants in a stress-free manner.

The Urban Worm Bag has more to offer than meets the eye. The vermicompost it produces is overflowing with valuable nutrients that work wonders for your plants and soil health. With its innovative continuous flow design, operating this worm bag proves breezy as can be without a zipper bottom in sight! Maintaining healthy worms while harvesting them comes effortlessly when using an Urban Worm Bag.

The Urban Worm Bag is designed with a fabric that allows proper air circulation, promoting efficient composting by the worms. The result of this design is high-quality vermicompost without any need for extra screening or sifting before usage as soil additive or fertilizer.

When the Urban Worm Bag is put together, it can reach up to 31 inches in height and measures at a substantial size of 27.5 by 27.5 inches - thereby setting itself apart from other worm bins for its large capacity. The convenience factor also cannot be ignored: unlike some competitors that may require additional tools just to get started , this bin doesn't necessitate any extra equipment upon arrival making assembly an easy task straight out of the box!

In the event that one has a desire to gather tea from their Urban Worm Bag, it is feasible without difficulties. The proper care of an Urban Worm Bag should prevent any superfluous liquid but if produced, simply operate by entirely removing the bottom and putting a tray beneath for collection purposes. It can be accomplished effortlessly without incident as long as aware steps are followed in its implementation.

Why procrastinate? Purchase your very own Urban Worm Bag today and experience the multitude of advantages derived from this high-quality composting set!