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Cultured Solutions Bloom B

Cultured Solutions Bloom B

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Is the Cultured Solutions Bloom B the right product for you?

Cultured Solutions Bloom B is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a highly concentrated blend of micro-nutrients for their plants. It is especially beneficial during the flowering stage, providing all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is made from all-natural ingredients and is pH stable, making it suitable for all types of growing media.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Product Specifications
  • What is included?
  • Warranty Policy

Cultured Solutions Bloom B

Cultured Solutions Bloom B stands out from other options due to its high concentration of micro-nutrients and its suitability for all types of growing media. It is specifically designed to provide your plants with all the necessary nutrients they need during their flowering stage. Its pH stability ensures that it remains effective in various pH conditions.

  • Highly concentrated blend of micro-nutrients
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for the flowering stage
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • pH stable
  • Suitable for all types of growing media

Product Overview

Cultured Solutions Bloom B is a highly concentrated blend of micro-nutrients designed for the flowering stage of plant growth. It provides essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy plant development. Made from all-natural ingredients, this nutrient solution is pH stable and suitable for all types of growing media.

Smart Technology

Cultured Solutions Bloom B features smart technology that allows for easy customization and expansion. It's dimmable and daisy chainable, making it a versatile choice for any indoor gardening setup.


Product Specifications - Cultured Solutions Bloom B
Volume 1/2.5/5 Gallon
Suitable for All types of growing media
Stage Flowering
pH Stable

What is included?

The Cultured Solutions Bloom B nutrient solution includes the following:

  • One gallon of Cultured Solutions Bloom B nutrient solution

Warranty Policy

Please check out the manufacturers website for Warranty related issues.


Optimal Plant Growth with Cultured Solutions® BLOOM A: Nurturing Reproductive Stage Success

Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B is a comprehensive, mineral-based nutrient solution that provides plants with the essential elements required for abundant growth during the reproductive phase. With a carefully balanced mineral dose in solution, BLOOM B ensures optimal support, empowering plants to thrive and flourish as they transition into their reproductive stage.

Product Overview


What's Included?

Warranty & Returns

Product Overview

Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B is a top-tier, mineral-based nutrient solution designed to fuel robust plant growth during the crucial reproductive phase of their life cycle. This full-spectrum formulation encompasses all the essential elements necessary for prolific results. With a precisely balanced mineral concentration in solution, BLOOM B provides the ideal support required for plants to thrive as they advance into their reproductive stage. Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B is the go-to choice for cultivators seeking optimal results and healthy, vigorous plants throughout this vital growth period.

Key Features:
1. Comprehensive Mineral-Based Nutrient
2. Optimal Balance
3. Easy to Use
4. Quality Assurance
5. Promotes Reproductive Success
6. IVersatile Application


Features and Benefits of Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B!

Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B offers a balanced mineral composition to promote vigorous plant growth during the reproductive stage, ensuring prolific results and an abundant harvest.

Easy to Use

Optimal Balance

Quality Assurance

Consistent Results

Available in Different Sizes

How to Use

1. Seedlings/Cuttings: 0.5-1mL per gallon, adjust solution to a 5.8 pH.

2. General: 2-5mL per gallon, adjust solution to a 5.8 pH. Always use equal parts of Bloom A & Bloom B.

3. Rockwool/Coco/Soilless: Refer to Cultured Solutions Drain to Waste Feeding Schedule.

4. RDWC/DWC/NFT/Aero: Refer to Cultured Solutions Recirculating Hydro Feeding Schedule.

5. Recommended starting EC for source water should be 0-20ppm.

6. Shake Well Before Use.

7. Do not pour unused fertilizer back into the bottle.

8. Maintain clean measuring devices.

9. Store in a cool, dark area.

Why Cultured Solutions

Cultured Solutions is chosen for its reputation as a reliable brand in the hydroponic industry, known for producing high-quality nutrients that consistently deliver excellent results in plant growth and yield. Their products are trusted by many growers for their effectiveness and consistency, making them a preferred choice for those seeking success in hydroponic and soilless cultivation.


Why Choose Us

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FAQ Section

How do I use Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B?
Follow the dosage instructions provided on the product label. Typically, it is mixed with water and applied directly to plants via irrigation or foliar feeding.
Is Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B suitable for all plant types?
Yes, it is versatile and suitable for a wide range of plant species, making it an excellent choice for various crops, including flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
Why is mineral balance important in plant nutrition?
Proper mineral balance is crucial for plant health, ensuring they receive the right nutrients in the correct proportions for robust growth and abundant yields.
Is Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B safe for plants?
Yes, when used as directed, it is safe for plants and supports their growth and development.
What benefits can I expect from using Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B?
The benefits include increased flowering, improved fruiting, higher crop yields, consistent results, and overall healthier, more vigorous plants.
Where can I purchase Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B?
You can find this product at hydroponic supply stores, gardening centers, and online retailers specializing in hydroponic and plant nutrition products.
Is Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B organic?
No, Cultured Solutions® BLOOM B is a mineral-based nutrient solution and not considered organic.

Specs & Dimensions

Weight According to selected size
Brand Cultured Solutions
Feed Chart PDF
Brand Cultured Solutions
Nutrient Material Type Liquid
N-P-K 0.9-4.8-6.2

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Warranty & Returns

Current Culture H2O provides a distinctive warranty policy for its products. In-house manufactured components come standard with an impressive three-year limited warranty, reflecting a commitment to quality and durability.