EcoFlow 100W Rigid Solar Panel Mounting Feet Included — Green Thumb Depot
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EcoFlow 100W Rigid Solar Panel

EcoFlow 100W Rigid Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Unleash the Power of the Sun with Our 100W Rigid Solar Panel

Are you in pursuit of a photovoltaic module with superior energy conversion rates to sustain your self-sufficient way of living, beyond the reach of mainstream utilities? Look no further than our 100W rigid solar panel! Our cutting-edge cell technology ensures a high conversion efficiency rating of up to 23%, allowing you to charge your Power Kits setup or EcoFlow portable power station quickly and easily. The integrated MPPT algorithm optimizes solar input for maximum power, so you can harness the sun's energy to its full potential.

Easy to Mount with Pre-Drilled Slots

Our rigid solar panel comes with pre-cut holes, making it installation-ready for mounting on any surface, including your van or off-grid build. With pre-drilled slots around the panel's edge, you can securely mount it on your van's roof without hassle or worry.

Built to Withstand the Elements

Our inflexible board integrates artistic design with durable substances, enabling it to withstand any tempest while still providing exceptional functionality and visual appeal for decades. Possessing an IP68 waterproof certification, this panel has been constructed for longevity and can oppose grime accumulation, low-pressure streams of water, severe gusts of air in addition to heavy snowfall. It was crafted especially for use outside whereby it is able navigate through varying climate predicaments seamlessly."

Durability and Performance Combined

Our rigid solar panel is constructed with a sturdy anti-corrosive aluminum frame and monocrystalline cells protected by highly protective lamination and tempered glass. This design enhances performance and provides long-lasting durability for your outdoor solar collection needs. With a weight of approximately 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs) and dimensions of 9858.63 cm (38.623.11.2 in), this panel is easy to transport and mount.

Universal Connectivity

With an all-inclusive solar connector, our 100W rigid solar panel is universally compatible with any third-party solar systems. You can charge up to 48v power systems and portable power stations with one or multiple panels, giving you flexibility and convenience. The short circuit current is 6.3 A, while the maximum operating voltage is 17.1 V. The maximum system voltage is 600 VDC (UL), and the maximum fuse current is 15 A.

Delay not in initiating the utilization of solar energy. Obtain our 100W inflexible photovoltaic panel promptly and savor speedy, productive recharging for your self-sufficient way of life.