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EcoFlow 15kWh Power Kits

by EcoFlow
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Are you in search of the ideal power system for your RV or tiny living space? Then consider EcoFlow Power Kits! Our user-friendly design permits uncomplicated assembly and tailor-made adjustments to meet individual electricity needs, while also accommodating diverse cabin dimensions. There are plentiful charging options available such as a solar panel capable of producing up to 4800W output, an alternator rated at 1000 watts input capacity, shore power generating approximately 3000W, plus Smart Generator Input that can generate around18000 W – ensuring continual access to ample electric energy when living off-grid.

Our Power Kits feature a compact, all-in-one inverter hub design, allowing for easy installation and space-saving stackable batteries. Incorporating a robust 48V system, one can attain an exceedingly secure and compact energy solution that experiences lesser heat dissipation and power loss when compared to traditional 12V systems. Unquestionably, this feature ensures enhanced overall performance of the equipment or device in which it is installed.

Our unrelenting pursuit of perfection is an inexhaustible journey that surpasses all limitations. Our Power Kits also offer real-time and remote smart controls, giving you complete control over your energy management. Monitor your energy use from anywhere with our app and Power Kit Console, and adjust settings to optimize your power usage.

Experience the ultimate in off-grid power solutions with EcoFlow Power Kits. Our team of experts is always on hand to help with installation or connect you with reputable installers. Don't settle for unreliable power. Upgrade to EcoFlow Power Kits today!