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EcoFlow 160W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Allow us to present the paramount resolution for all your solar power needs!

Have you ever imagined harnessing the sun's energy wherever and whenever necessary? Our transportable solar panel offers an incomparable remedy for enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits or anyone searching for consistent, effective power on-the-go.

The utmost in convenience is guaranteed thanks to an array of incomparable traits. These features are beyond compare, and they constitute a blend that cannot be defeated. The experience clients receive with these elements at their disposal will surpass all expectations, making this the ultimate option for anyone seeking unparalleled ease-of-use.

The self-sustaining photovoltaic panel presents an exceptional collapsible structure, making it remarkably convenient to carry and stow. It is further complemented by a carrying container that doubles as support so you can fixate the device at any position for maximum sun exposure.

Accelerate the Charging of Your Electronic Devices with Greater Efficiency.

Our cutting-edge solar panel boasts 32 advanced monocrystalline silicon cells that provide an unparalleled conversion efficiency of up to 22%. This translates into faster and more efficient charging for your devices. Additionally, by linking several panels together in either a series or parallel configuration, you can boost the output power further."

Crafted to endure all of Mother Nature's challenges. Formulated to survive through any natural obstacle in its path. Constructed with resilience and durability, impenetrable by the harshest elements on Earth. Designed as a fortress against anything that may come its way from nature's wrath. Engineered for longevity and unwavering stability amidst even the most tumultuous weather conditions imaginable.

Our mobile solar panel produces 160 watts of power and is designed to withstand any environmental conditions you may encounter. It has an IP68 waterproof rating, which means it can be submerged in water for extended periods without damaging the system, and a durable ETFE film protects it from harm caused by extreme weather or dust build-up. This reliable portable device will continue to operate flawlessly regardless of whether you're hiking through rainforest jungle trails or crossing arid deserts on your way to that perfect camping spot.

The specifications pertaining to the technical aspects are of utmost importance. It is imperative that these metrics be highly precise and accurate as they serve as definitive guidelines for product development processes. The specification must also exhibit a wide range and breadth, covering all relevant facets in intricate detail so that it provides comprehensive guidance during production phases. As such, detailed evaluation criteria have been established to ensure conformance with predefined standards across all technical specs parameters without exception or compromise even when dealing with complex multifaceted products requiring analysis at multiple levels of granularity – from macroscopic right down to subatomic scale considerations where applicable."

When measuring the size of an object, it's important to take into account all aspects. In this case, when we stretch out each dimension fully and without any creases or folds present, we reach a total length of 26.86 inches by 1 inch wide with a height measurement of around 81 inches in entirety - this equates to roughly about over half-a-million centimeters long!

The measurements of the folds are as follows: when folded, it spans 26.816 inches in length and is 1.0 inch thick (equivalent to approximately 68 centimeters long by about 22.4 centimeters wide).

The mass of the object in question is equal to 15.4 pounds with a solar panel constituting approximately 11 pounds of that weight. The overall heaviness can be attributed to both components, but it should be noted that more than two-thirds come from the aforementioned solar panel alone.

The duration of the guarantee is 365 days.

The power level given is at a rating of 160 watts with an accuracy range of plus or minus five. The amount stated offers insight into the potential energy output in this scenario and demonstrates its value within certain parameters for use purposes. A numeric representation intends to ensure users grasp important details that may alter their decision-making when considering what devices are compatible and how they should handle them based on wattage needs, among other things. Such analytical information can be crucial depending on various factors unique to each user's situation where electrical equipment comes into play as part of daily activities or consumption habits involving appliances reliant upon electricity sources while operating adequately without causing

The range of effectiveness falls between 21% to 22%. The operation's productivity level is within this scope. This demonstrates the amount of work output in relation to input resources utilized, indicating a moderate outcome that could be improved upon. However, it cannot be denied that some progress has already been made towards achieving higher efficiency rates based on these figures alone.

The type of connection that is utilized in this particular setting happens to be the solar connector.

The voltage of the circuit when it is not connected, referred to as open circuit voltage, measures at 21.4V with a maximum power point (abbreviated Vmp) measurement of 18.2V. The electrical potential difference within the unconnected system demonstrates an impressive amount of energy available for use in subsequent connections and applications that would follow from such actions being performed on said device or devices involved therein - all while maintaining their structural integrity intact during these processes which may involve various stresses placed upon them over time by external forces acting against them; this showcases just how resilient they truly are despite any adversity encountered along one's journey towards achieving

With regard to electrical currents, the measurement of short circuit current is a crucial aspect. Specifically, it has been determined that this particular system exhibits a 9.6A value for said current (with Imp being measured at 8.8A).

The sort of cell we're taking a gander at is made out of silicon particles that structure an unadulterated, single precious stone.

The permissible range of temperature when in use or kept for later usage: from negative four degrees Fahrenheit to one hundred and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

Why compromise on your solar energy requirements? Our portable option offers you an unparalleled level of ease, effectiveness and sturdiness that guarantees satisfaction.