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EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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Speed up your charging time and enjoy the liberation of life off-the-grid with our Portable Solar Panels that output 400W.

The solar panels we offer showcase superior energy production ability and a conversion rate of up to 23%, ensuring power supply dependability even in the most secluded locations. Crafted from robust, multi-faceted components, these units are engineered for long-lasting performance and tailored towards outdoor escapades.

Due to its design that is both lightweight and able to fold into one piece, our solar panel which can be taken with you wherever you go makes it a convenient item for those who desire the freedom of off-grid living. The ease in carrying and ability to store said device ensures accessibility no matter where or when desired.

If you're either a casual adventurer or full-time traveler, our solar panels are an ideal solution. Regardless of the inclement climate conditions, these panels won't falter as they've been assigned with an IP68 waterproof rating that ensures their toughness and durability. Additionally, due to its adaptable angle feature coupled with self-supporting configuration; adjusting it's position will be easy for maximum flexibility in placement purposes too!

The undoubted freedom, reliability and convenience that you can experience from off-grid living with EcoFlow is made possible by our 400W Portable Solar Panels that are indispensable to anyone who values independence.

The power rating for this specific equipment is 400W, and it uses monocrystalline silicon as the cell type. The efficiency of this technology stands at a high value of 22.40 percent. It has dimensions measuring up to approximately 42 by 4 by11 inches (106 centimeters in length, while width measures up to about39 cm with a height factor of around02cm). With Solar connectors being used throughout its design process instead there are no option based on plugs or wire-based connections available so far; open circuit voltage currently stands at an impressive figure equivalenting48 volts (with Vmp standards set atas41V), while short-circuit currents rate center-levels recorded increasingly marked levels: approximating roughly near11Amps(Imp hits9 .8 A) making calculations remarkably simple!