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EcoFlow 4kWh Power Kits

by EcoFlow
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Introducing the world's first integrated, plug-and-play power solution for tiny homes and RVs: EcoFlow Power Kits. Our kits offer multiple charging methods including up to 4800W solar, 1000W alternator, 3000W shore power, and 1800W Smart Generator input, ensuring you have access to power no matter where you are.

Our customizable kits make it easy to modify your hardware to fit your van or cabin's unique size and power needs. From tiny homes to off-grid cabins, our kits can be adjusted to fit any size build. Plus, our compact, all-in-one inverter hub design saves space and allows for simple assembly.

Our Power Kits possess a pivotal attribute - that of battery stacking. This allows you to boost your power capacity, thereby guaranteeing sustained energy supply for prolonged periods. Further, our 48V systems offer reliable and compact alternatives with enhanced safety measures in place. Unlike conventional 12V systems prone to generate excessive heat or unwarranted losses within the network infrastructure, these high-voltage setups work towards efficient distribution without any glitches making it an ideal solution especially suited for abodes away from mainstream grids like off-grid homes or locations where grid unavailability is prominent."

Our Power Kits also come with real-time and remote smart controls, accessible from the app and Power Kit Console. Rewrite: It is possible to meticulously monitor your energy consumption at home and even while out and about, thanks to an array of incredibly diverse configuration options alongside thorough data tracking capabilities.

Do not allow the absence of energy impede your ability to live a self-sufficient life. EcoFlow Power Kits furnish an unwavering, versatile, and user-friendly power alternative. Furthermore, with our adept counsel and authorized technicians at hand, you can have faith in flawless setup and efficiency for your system.