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EcoFlow DELTA Pro + 220W Portable Solar Panel

by EcoFlow
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If you're seeking a dependable means of generating backup power for your abode, the DELTA Pro from EcoFlow is worth investigating. This cost-effective and proficient station harnesses as much as 11.2kWh daily while boasting an AC output of 4500 with X-Boost technology. The unique dual-facing design has up to 23% conversion efficiency, allowing fast charging via solar energy in just five hours (with four sets), six and a half hours (three sets) or ten hours if using two sets of panels."

The DELTA Pro is built to last, with IP68 dust and water resistance, a smart remote control via the EcoFlow app, and a 5-year warranty. And if you need even more power, you can pair two units together to achieve 7200W.

Rewritten: Alas, the matter is not wholly encompassed by those aforementioned particulars. The situation at hand bears a greater depth and complexity that cannot be fully encapsulated with just those few details alone. The DELTA Pro is also the world’s fastest charging portable power station, with MultiCharge delivering record-breaking speeds at 6500W. And with EcoFlow’s X-Stream charging technology, you can fully charge DELTA Pro from a standard AC wall outlet in just 1.8 hours.

If you're looking to go renewable, the DELTA Pro has got you covered with 1600W solar charging. And with a wide voltage range from 11-150V, it's compatible with 90% of third-party solar panels with Solar connectors. Plus, the smart maximum power point tracking (MPPT) automatically adjusts to maximize your solar generation at any time of the day.

The DELTA Pro provides a comprehensive approach to managing and tracking your energy consumption. It offers various channels for regulating power, such as through the EcoFlow mobile application. This device exceeds expectations in terms of supplying electricity on demand and can function under any circumstances making it an ideal choice for all purposes. Its sturdy framework ensures resilience while offering efficient electrical output with dependable results which has made it renowned in its field being acknowledged as nothing short of superbly outstanding within the industry standard guidelines."

Acquire your DELTA Pro now and relish the contentment that ensues from possessing dependable energy during pivotal junctures. Plus, for a limited time, receive a 12-month warranty on your 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel with your purchase. Please note that the DELTA Pro and 220W Bifacial Portable Solar Panel will be shipped separately.