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Exotower Vertical Hydroponic System

Exotower Vertical Hydroponic System

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Is the ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System the right product for you?

The ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System is a game-changer for urban gardeners. With its space-efficient design and ability to grow 12 plants, it's perfect for small spaces. The hydroponic technology ensures optimal nutrient absorption, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their indoor gardening potential.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Product Specifications
  • What is included?
  • Warranty Policy

ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System

The ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System stands out for its compact and modular design. It's a soil-free solution that allows you to grow a variety of plants in less than two square feet. This system is self-watering, making it easy for anyone to harvest fresh, farm-quality produce from home.

  • Modular, vertical design
  • Requires minimal space
  • Can grow a variety of plants
  • Soil-free solution
  • Self-watering system

Product Overview

The ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System is a compact and modular solution for growing a variety of plants. It requires minimal space and is a soil-free system, making it easy to maintain. The EXOTOWER 12 Plant Hydroponic Kit is a space-saving vertical gardening solution that accommodates 12 plants and utilizes hydroponic technology for efficient growth and nutrient absorption. With its compact design, it's an ideal option for those looking to maximize their gardening potential in limited spaces.

Smart Technology

The ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System features smart technology that allows for easy customization and expansion. It's a versatile choice for any indoor or outdoor gardening setup.


Product Specifications - ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System
Number of Tiers 3
Number of Plants 12
Dimensions 32 (Height) x 12 (Width) x 12 (Length)

What is included?

The ExoTower Vertical Hydroponic System includes the following:

  • 6.5-gallon pail
  • Grow blocks
  • 1 irrigation block with lid
  • 6 feet of irrigation tubing
  • Water pump
  • Net cups
  • Garden rocks
  • 6 weeks worth of formulated plant food

Warranty Policy

Please refer to the specific warranty policy provided by ExoTower on their website or product manual.