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EZTRIM Bud Bucker Mini

EZTRIM Bud Bucker Mini

by Eztrim
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The EZTrim Bud Bucker Mini is a compact yet powerful solution for efficient bud harvesting. Its high-torque motor and strategically positioned entry holes delicately pluck buds from stems without causing any harm. This versatile machine is suitable for both wet and dry product processing, making it an ideal choice for cultivators seeking precision, speed, and adaptability in their harvest operations. Whether you're a small-scale grower or a seasoned professional, the Bud Bucker Mini delivers top-tier performance, reducing labor costs and ensuring consistent product quality.

EZTrim Bud Buckers: Effortless Harvesting, Maximum Yields!

The BudBucker Mini is a compact yet powerful harvesting companion that excels in delicately removing buds from stems. Featuring a high-torque motor and carefully positioned entry holes, it ensures precise and damage-free bud extraction. This versatile tool accommodates both wet and dry product processing, making it a must-have for efficient and quality-focused cultivators.

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Product Overview

The BudBucker Mini is a game-changer in harvesting efficiency. This compact yet powerful machine streamlines the process of separating buds from stems with precision and care. Whether dealing with wet or dry product, it excels in maintaining product integrity. The BudBucker Mini is your go-to solution for efficient and top-quality harvests.

EZTrim Bud Bucker Mini: What Sets Them Apart?

EZTrim Bud Bucker Mini redefine harvesting, making trimming a breeze. Boost productivity, maximize yields, and save time. Experience the difference and revolutionize your harvest with EZTrim.


Optimize Efficiency

Reverse Functionality

Reverse Functionality


Front, Back, Top Shelves

Light Weight

Light Weight

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Speed Control

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance


Highlighted Benefits of EZTrim Bucker Mini

The BudBucker Mini offers a range of benefits to cultivators. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller cultivation operations, while still delivering precise and damage-free bud removal. This efficiency translates to reduced labor costs, increased productivity, and consistent product quality, making it a valuable asset for streamlined harvesting.


Trifecta System

The equipment has been meticulously crafted to address the common challenges encountered in the harvesting of various crops.

By seamlessly integrating the Bud Bucker, Bud Trimmer, and Bud Sorter into a comprehensive system, you unlock the full potential of each component. This synchronized synergy not only reduces your harvesting time significantly but also dramatically decreases the required workforce, all while preserving the impeccable quality of your harvest.

It's the ultimate solution for enhancing efficiency and productivity in your cultivation operation.



The EZTRIM Bud Bucker Mini is designed to efficiently remove buds from their stems, streamlining the harvesting process.

The Bud Bucker Mini offers similar functionality as the larger version but is scaled down for a single operator, making it lightweight and suitable for tabletop operation.

The machine uses a high-torque motor and protruded entry holes to gently pluck buds from the stem, ensuring the product remains intact.

Yes, the Bud Bucker Mini is designed to work efficiently with both wet and dry products.

Users can adjust the roller speed to optimize the machine's performance based on various strains, bud sizes, and moisture content.

The protruded entry holes ensure that buds are plucked from their stems without being smashed or compressed, preserving the quality of the product.

The fold-out prep table provides a convenient space to hold individualized stems during the bucking process.


Unlock versatility with the Bud Bucker Mini, a true all-rounder for wet and dry product processing. Its precision-engineered, high-torque motor is the maestro, delicately coaxing stems through specially designed entry holes, ensuring buds remain unscathed. Quality, speed, and adaptability unite in this compact powerhouse, setting new standards in harvest care.


Wet & Dry Prep

Tailor your harvest with precision! The Bud Bucker Mini empowers you to fine-tune roller speed for peak performance across strains, bud sizes, and moisture levels. Your harvest, your way.


Entry Holes

Our ingenious protruded entry holes act as expert bud liberators, gently coaxing buds away from the machine's flat surface. This ingenious design prevents any undesirable bud compression, preserving product perfection.



The Bud Bucker Mini introduces a thoughtful touch - a fold-out prep table, your trusty assistant for organizing individualized stems with ease.


3 year warranty and Money back guarantee, Please see our website for the details on how the return policy works

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Weight (lbs.) 75
Height (in.) 48
Width (in.) 32
Length (in.) 32
Warranty 3 Years
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 150
Plant Material Dry, Wet
Assembled Dimensions 22″L x 27″W x 22″H
Ship Dimensions 32″L x 32″W x 48″H
Production (single operator) 1 plant / 1-5 minutes