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EZTRIM Bud Sorter Mini

EZTRIM Bud Sorter Mini

by Eztrim
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The EZTrim Bud Sorter  Mini is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of efficient harvesting. This advanced machine takes the tedium out of sorting, employing meticulous precision to classify buds by size and quality. By automating this crucial process, it reduces the need for manual labor and minimizes errors, resulting in a streamlined workflow. Whether you're a large-scale cultivator or a boutique operation, the EZTrim Bud Sorter Mini enhances productivity and guarantees a consistent, high-quality harvest. It's an indispensable tool for modern growers looking to optimize their cultivation process.

Streamline Your Harvest with Bud Sorting Excellence!

Bud sorters are the unsung heroes of efficient harvesting. These precision machines meticulously categorize and grade your harvest, ensuring uniformity in product quality. By automating the sorting process, they save you valuable time and reduce human error. With the power to quickly and accurately distinguish between various bud sizes and qualities, bud sorters are your key to delivering top-notch products to the market.

Features & Benefits

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Product Overview

Revolutionize your buds harvesting with the EZTrim Bud Sorter Mini. This compact and efficient machine offers the same functionality as its larger counterpart but in a scaled-down design. The Bud Sorter Mini is designed to gently, efficiently, and accurately sort your trimmed buds into three different sizes and larger.

Bud Sorter Mini Marvel: Discover the Outstanding Features!

The EZTrim Bud Sorter Mini is packed with powerful features that make it a game-changer in the world of plants sorting. This compact machine offers precision sorting and customizable settings, streamlining the harvesting process and ensuring top-quality results consistently.

No Moving Parts

No Moving Parts

Sorts 70-90 pounds per hour

Sorts 22 pounds per hour

Time Saver

Time Saver

Separate Small Buds

Separate Small Buds

Operate from both Sides

Operate from both Sides

Double Productivity

Double Productivity


Highlighted Benefits of EZTrim Sorter mini

EZTrim Sorter is a game-changer, delivering exceptional advantages. It's the epitome of precision, slashing labor expenses while turbocharging productivity. With customizable settings, growers gain total control for impeccable sorting. This addition to your harvesting arsenal is truly invaluable, taking your operation to the next level of efficiency and quality.


Outstanding Benefits of EZTrim Bud Sorter Mini

The EZTrim Bud Sorter Mini is a game-changer, offering exceptional advantages in plants sorting. It embodies precision, reducing labor costs while significantly boosting productivity. With customizable settings, growers have complete control for flawless sorting. This invaluable addition to your harvesting arsenal elevates your operation to a new level of efficiency and quality.


Trifecta System

The equipment has been meticulously crafted to address the common challenges encountered in the harvesting of various crops, notably hemp.

By seamlessly integrating the Bud Bucker, Bud Trimmer, and Bud Sorter into a comprehensive system, you unlock the full potential of each component. This synchronized synergy not only reduces your harvesting time significantly but also dramatically decreases the required workforce, all while preserving the impeccable quality of your harvest.

It's the ultimate solution for enhancing efficiency and productivity in your cultivation operation.



The EZTRIM Bud Sorter Mini is designed to sort trimmed buds into three sizes: ¼”, ½,” and ¾” and larger, offering a compact solution for sorting buds efficiently.

The Bud Sorter Mini uses soft, food-grade brushes to move the buds gently over different-sized grates, ensuring the buds are sorted without damage.

The Bud Sorter Mini is best used after drying and trimming but before quality control and packaging. This helps in improving efficiency by removing small buds and shake from the QC process.

The materials exposed to the plants in the Bud Sorter Mini include Aluminum 6061 – FG, Stainless Steel – FG, and Plastic Totes made of HDPE.

The average throughput for the Bud Sorter Mini is approximately 10,000 grams (22 lbs) per hour of dried finished buds.

The Bud Sorter Mini weighs 80 lbs and has assembled dimensions of 51″L x 19″W x 20″H. The shipping weight is 150 lbs with dimensions of 48″L x 32″W x 24″H.

The Bud Sorter Mini comes with three standard grate sizes: ¼”, ½”, and ¾”.

Precise Bud Sorting

Effortlessly handle approximately 1lb of meticulously trimmed, dried buds on the 1/4" grate. Utilize the gentle touch of food-grade brushes to guide your valuable yield across the array of grates, effectively categorizing your buds based on their unique sizes.


Dual Sorting Efficiency

Maximize efficiency with targeted small bud and shake removal by utilizing dual sorting. Set up 1/4" and 1/2" grates on both sides of the Bud Sorter Mini, expertly guiding your product into the central bin using the brushing technique. It's a clever tactic to enhance your productivity.


Multi-Functional Work Surface

After completing your sorting task, make the most of the lower shelf by placing it on top of the Bud Sorter Mini, instantly transforming it into an additional, functional workspace within your trim room.


3 year warranty and Money back guarantee, Please see our website for the details on how the return policy works

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Weight (lbs.) 80
Height (in.) 20
Width (in.) 19
Length (in.) 51
Warranty 3 Years
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 150
GRATE SIZES 1/4 , 1/2 , 3/4
Assembled Dimensions 51″L x 19″w x 20″H
Ship Dimensions 48″L x 32″W x 24″H
Production (single operator) >.5lb / <1 minute