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Sinowell FlexStar 720W Pro LED Grow Light

Sinowell FlexStar 720W Pro LED Grow Light

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Introducing the FlexStar 720W Pro, a pinnacle in advanced horticultural lighting designed to redefine your cultivation experience. This powerhouse fixture boasts a full-spectrum illumination system, ensuring unparalleled light coverage across all growth stages. With its high efficacy, the 720W Pro optimizes energy consumption, promoting robust plant photosynthesis for superior development. Engineered with exceptional heat dissipation capabilities, this fixture not only ensures a prolonged lifespan but also creates an optimal environment for thriving plant growth. Tailored to meet the demands of every cultivation stage, from germination to flowering, the FlexStar 720W Pro stands as a reliable and versatile lighting solution for growers seeking professional-grade performance and efficiency. Elevate your cultivation to new heights with the advanced technology of the FlexStar 720W Pro.

Is the FlexStar 720W Pro LED Grow Light for Me?

Introducing the FlexStar 720W Pro—a pinnacle in horticultural lighting. With full-spectrum illumination, high efficacy, and exceptional heat dissipation, this fixture optimizes energy for superior plant development. Tailored for every growth stage, it's a reliable and versatile choice for professional-grade performance. Elevate your cultivation with the advanced technology of the FlexStar 720W Pro.

Features & Benefits


What is included?

Warranty & Returns


Maximize Growth, Minimize Energy

FlexStar LEDs represent a cutting-edge leap in horticultural lighting. Renowned for precision and power, these lights are meticulously designed for optimal plant growth at every stage. With tailored spectrums, high efficacy, and reliable durability, FlexStar LEDs provide efficient and consistent solutions for both professional and novice cultivators.

Passive Cooling System

Schedule Controls

Full Spectrum Output

720 Watts

Dimming Capability

High Efficiency

Benefits of LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights offer numerous benefits for plant cultivation. They are energy-efficient, customizable in spectrum, emit minimal heat, and have a long lifespan. These qualities reduce costs, enhance growth, and promote environmentally friendly and low-maintenance cultivation practices.

Instant On/Off

It allows precise control over light cycles.

Full Spectrum Lighting

This promotes healthier and more robust plant growth.

Low Heat Emission

This reduces the risk of heat stress and saves them from damaging

Easy Installation

LED grow lights require less maintenance, saving you time and effort.

Optimized Light Output

Allows you to adjust the light spectrum to suit different plant types and growth stages

Power Saver

LED grow lights save energy, costs, and promote sustainable cultivation.

Durable Design

Constructed with top-quality materials, ensuring prolonged use in various conditions.

Consistent Output

Engineered for sustained performance, guaranteeing optimal light output over time.


Why Flexstar

FlexStar products stand out as the preferred choice for indoor growing enthusiasts. Renowned for end-to-end excellence, their offerings ensure a seamless experience from design to implementation. Backed by extensive expertise in indoor cultivation, FlexStar's LED systems deliver unparalleled efficiency, enhancing plant health, increasing yields, and providing precision control. The credibility of our products is further solidified by decades of collaboration with top-tier grow light brands. A commitment to reliability and efficiency defines FlexStar's mission—providing advanced lighting solutions through industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. Opt for FlexStar and embrace a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, and optimal results in the world of indoor growing.


Spectrum Matters

FlexStar LED Grow Lights feature a precisely tailored full-spectrum illumination, optimizing plant growth from germination to flowering. With a balanced blend of blue and red wavelengths, FlexStar ensures plants receive the ideal light for robust development, increased yields, and overall quality. Adaptability and versatility make FlexStar a top choice for diverse indoor cultivation setups.

Uniform Light Distribution

Provides even and uniform light coverage to ensure all plants receive adequate illumination.


Allows for convenient control and customization of lighting schedules and settings.

Energy Efficiency

Designed to minimize energy consumption and heat production, resulting in cost savings and a cooler growing environment.

FAQ Section

What makes the FlexStar 720W LED Grow Light unique?
The FlexStar 720W LED Grow Light stands out for its powerful 720W output, tailored spectrum, high efficacy, and advanced features designed to optimize plant growth in indoor cultivation.
How does the tailored spectrum benefit different growth stages?
The carefully tuned spectrum of the FlexStar 720W ensures optimal light coverage for germination, vegetative growth, and flowering, contributing to robust plant development throughout the entire life cycle.
What kind of Diodes the FlexStar 720W uses?
FlexStar 720W uses Samsung & OSRAM Diodes.
What is the input voltage of FlexStar 720W?
The input voltage is between 120 Volts to 277 Volts.
Is the FlexStar 720W suitable for professional growers?
Absolutely. The FlexStar 720W is designed for versatility and reliability, making it an excellent choice for professional growers seeking precision, power, and consistency in their indoor cultivation setups.
What is the Coverage area of FlexStar 720W W LED Grow Light?
The coverage area for FlexStar 720W W LED Grow Light is 4x4 and 4x6
How does the high efficacy of the FlexStar 720W impact energy efficiency?
The high efficacy of the FlexStar 720W ensures efficient energy utilization, reducing operational costs for growers while maintaining optimal light intensity for plant development.



Weight 32.6 lbs.
Dimension 47.6"×43.6"×4.1"
LED Light Spectrum Full Spectrum
Warranty 5 Years


Voltage and Curren

  • LED grow lights usually operate at standard household voltages (e.g., 120V or 240V) and draw current accordingly.

LED Diodes

  • High-quality LED diodes are at the core of LED grow lights.

Power Supply

  • LED grow lights come with power supplies or drivers that convert the incoming electrical voltage to the specific voltage required for the LED diodes to operate

Led Lights


  • Some LED grow lights offer dimming capabilities, allowing users to adjust the light intensity and power consumption to match the needs of their plants at different growth stages..
G.W./N.W. 41.0/32.6LBS
Weight (lb.) 28
Length (in.) 47.6
Width (in.) 43.6
Height (in.) 4.1
LED Light Spectrum Full Spectrum
Input Power 720W
Input Voltage 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V
Efficiency 2.8 μmol/J
Input Current 6.00A, 3.46A, 3.00A, 2.60A
LED Chip Samsung OSR
Warranty 5 Years
User Manual PDF

What is Included?

What’s in the box.

  • FlexStar 720W LED Grow Light

Warranty Policy

FlexStar stands behind the reliability and durability of its products, offering a reassuring 5-year warranty on the FlexStar LED Grow Lights.