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Harvest Right Standard Vacuum Oil Pump 7CFM

Harvest Right Standard Vacuum Oil Pump 7CFM

SKU: OP-VLU11060
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The Harvest Right Standard Vacuum Oil Pump 7CFM is a powerful and reliable accessory designed to complement the Harvest Right Freeze Dryers. This high-quality vacuum pump efficiently removes air and moisture from the freeze dryer's chamber, creating the necessary vacuum environment for optimal freeze-drying performance. With a 7CFM (cubic feet per minute) pumping capacity, it ensures rapid and effective vacuuming, reducing the drying time for various food items, pharmaceuticals, and research samples. The durable construction and low noise operation make it an essential component for seamless and efficient freeze-drying processes. Upgrade your freeze-drying experience with the Harvest Right Standard Vacuum Oil Pump 7CFM.


  1. Pumping Capacity: 7 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  2. Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with Harvest Right Freeze Dryers
  3. Vacuum Level: Creates the necessary vacuum environment for efficient freeze-drying processes
  4. Construction: Durable build ensures long-lasting performance
  5. Noise Level: Low noise operation for a quieter working environment
  6. Oil Capacity: Equipped with an appropriate oil reservoir for smooth operation
  7. Power: Runs on standard electrical supply
  8. Weight: Lightweight and portable for easy handling and storage
  9. Dimensions: Compact size for convenient integration with Harvest Right Freeze Dryers
  10. Use: Suitable for both home and professional use in laboratories and research facilities
  11. Maintenance: Requires regular maintenance and oil change to sustain optimal performance
  12. Accessories: Comes with essential components for easy installation and operation
  13. Safety Features: Built-in safety measures for reliable and secure operation