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Ion Controller and Cable (110V-240V)

Ion Controller and Cable (110V-240V)

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The Ion Controller and Cable (110V-240V) is an accessory designed to provide comprehensive control over lighting systems, particularly for horticultural purposes. Here are some key features and benefits of the Ion Controller:

  • 0-10V Lighting Control Protocol: This standard protocol allows for precise control over the dimming and operation of compatible lighting systems.
  • High-Temperature Auto Dimming: The controller includes a function to automatically dim lights if the temperature gets too high, protecting plants from heat stress.
  • High-Temperature Auto Shutdown: In the event that temperatures continue to rise, the controller can shut down the lights to prevent damage to the plants or equipment.
  • Dual Room Operation: It is capable of running two rooms with separate temperature sensors, allowing for versatile control across different growing areas.
  • Dimming Range: Offers a wide dimming range from 50% to 115%, giving growers the flexibility to adjust light intensity according to plant growth stages.
  • Safety Features: Includes terminals for shutdown or sensor failure alarms, adding an extra layer of safety to the growing environment.
  • Connectivity: Uses standard RJ-12 cables for easy and reliable connections.