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Just Vertical The AEVE - Vertical Indoor Herb and Vegetable Garden

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Grow Your Own Sustainable Oasis with the AEVA Hydroponic Indoor Growing System

Are you ready to cultivate your own green oasis at home? Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional gardening with the AEVA Hydroponic Indoor Growing System. This innovative solution allows you to grow your own fresh produce and herbs, all while living sustainably. Experience the ultimate indoor gardening experience with the AEVA.

The Amazing Features & Benefits of The Aeva

  • Grow 16 plants at once - daily salad ready!
  • Space-saving design: 8" deep, 36" wide
  • Smart watering system that waters plants 48x/day
  • Built-in LED grow lights for worry-free growing
  • Comes fully assembled - no DIY needed
  • Everything included - just plug in and grow
  • Great for juicy tomatoes, hot peppers, & other large flowering plants
  • Free shipping all over the US!

Gardening Made So Darn Easy

  • Add water once every 2 weeks, no fuss
  • Real wood, luxury design - complements decor beautifully
  • 4 easy steps to start growing: plug your unit in, put pods in your garden, fill your water reservoir, watch your food sprout!
  • Minimal maintenance with only 5 min/week
  • Grow unique produce you can’t get at the grocery store like Wasabi Arugula

The AEVA Promise

  • With our Growing Guarantee, if your plants don’t grow we send you new ones!
  • Our products are quality guaranteed, and to prove it we offer our gardens a rock-solid 2-year warranty
  • We use recycled plastics because manufacturing full circle matters for us

The Produce Payback Promise:

When you purchase a brand new AEVA you’ll receive supplies to grow $1200 worth of produce because we believe food is a right and you should profit. No need for costly garden subscriptions, with the AEVA you can impress friends with unique and exciting flavors while also saving money every month.

What's Included:
Included is everything you need to grow for a full year.
AEVA Hydroponic Indoor Growing System

1L of Nutrients

1 Seedling Kit that includes:

  • 16 x Green Butter Lettuce
  • 16 x Red Butter Lettuce
  • 8 x Mustard Greens
  • 8 x Pak Choi
  • 12 x Basil
  • 8 x Peppermint
  • 8 x Chives
  • 8 x Dill

- 1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir
- 1x Power bar with GFCI attachment
- 1x Pump housing black box
- 1x Submersible pump
- 2x LED lights and lighting automation system
- 1x Wall anchors



71.25” (1.77m)


37” (91.5 cm)


8” (20 cm)


70 lbs (32 kg)


Cable Length

4 feet (1.22m)


A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet

Cost in Electricity

$3.56 CAD/month


Solid wood frame, Chrome Legs

Plant Capacity

16 plants


Add water every 2 weeks

Power Consumption

0.072 kW / per hour

Type of Lights

Full spectrum, fully-dimmable LED grow lights


All Eve and Aeva orders are shipped out within 2-4 business days

Delivery times are dependent on your proximity to the Just Vertical manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada. Delivery times can vary between 5 business to 14 business days from the shipping date.