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Medic Grow Ez-8 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights - 1000 Watt

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This LED light boasts a power of 1000W, operates on AC100-277V, 50/60Hz, and features a V1 spectrum, an RJ port, a dimming knob, and 0-10v dimmable capabilities, as well as a 6FT AC power cord.

Our most powerful LED grow light for indoor plants is the Ez-8 Medic Grow. It emits more light than many other LED grow lights and even a 1000 watt HPS lighting solution, with the wattage being programmable up to 1000 watts to meet specific needs. This LED grow light provides a full spectrum suitable for all growth stages, and is designed for use in grow tents or for commercial applications with coverage for 5x5/6x6 areas. The heavy-duty aluminum construction is designed for long-term usage and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The 8 removable and replaceable bars make installation and transport easy, and the integrated knob dimmer allows for easy power output adjustment. The V1 spectrum, which covers all growth phases, includes a balanced wavelength and the strongest driving forces for the photosynthesis of your medical plant, 430 nm, and 660 nm. It can be used individually or chained together with up to 75 lights in a commercial application, and requires little maintenance with a plug and play installation. The default voltage is 110-277V and customizable up to 347-480V.