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Medic Grow Mini Sun-2 LED Grow Lights - 320 Watt

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The Mini Sun-2 320W LED Grow Light has a power output of 320W and can operate on an input voltage range of 100-277V. It features an LCD display and timer knob for convenient control, as well as an RJ port and 0-10V dimming knob for customizable lighting options. The light is equipped with Osram chips and comes with a 6FT AC power cord and a hanging hook for easy installation.

The Mini Sun-2 240W LED Grow Light has an input voltage range of 100-277V and features an LCD display and timer knob, RJ port + 0-10V dimming knob, Osram Chips, a 6FT AC power cord, and a hanging hook.

The Mini Sun-2 150W LED grow light features a power output of 150W, an input voltage range of 100-277V, an LCD display and timer knob for easy operation, RJ port and 0-10V dimming knob, Osram chips for efficient lighting, a 6FT AC power cord for convenience, and a hanging hook for easy mounting.


The compact high efficacy full cycle LED grow light, known as the MINI SUN-2, is perfect for use on racks or in small growing tents, according to Medic Grow. Equipped with top brand WHITE LEDs and OSCRM RED LEDs, it efficiently produces the best V1 full-spectrum for higher yields. With a uniform lighting performance, it covers a maximum bloom coverage area of 2.5' x 2.5' and vegetative coverage space of 3’ x 3’. The MINI SUN-2 320W version provides home growers with a superior PPFD value of up to 3200µmol/m2/s, an amount of PPF of up to 896 µmol/s, and power efficacy of 2.8 µmol/J, while only requiring 320 Watts power. The Mini Sun-2 240W version, which has the same size as the 320W version, provides growers with a PPF of 672 µmol/s, covers 2×2 for commercial or growing with CO2 and 2.5×2.5 for growing without CO2, and the same power efficacy of 2.8 µmol/J. It provides growers with a PPFD of 2300 µmol/m2/s at a height of 6''. Meanwhile, the MINI SUN-2 150W version is designed for personal growers who grow without CO2 in a 2' x 2' tent. The range of PPFD value is from 625-1017µmol/m2/s and the average PPFD is about 831.5µmol/m2/s, at a height of 14.7''/373.4mm. The amount of PPF is up to 420 µmol/s and light power efficacy is 2.8 µmol/J, with an estimated output of about 0.36lbs - 0.5 lbs.