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Medic Grow Smart-8 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights - 760 Watt

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This powerful LED grow light for indoor plants has a maximum power of 760W and can be operated with an input voltage of 100-277V. The tunable spectrum feature allows for customization of the light spectrum, while the Osram red chip ensures high-quality lighting. It is equipped with an RJ port and 0-10v dimmable feature, along with a dimming knob and hanging hook for easy installation. The grow light comes with a 6FT AC power cord for added convenience.

Indoor plant growers, make a smart choice with the Smart-8 Medic Grow Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights that pack a punch with a power of 760W. These foldable lights are perfect for high PPFD cultivation practices and are built with top-notch components such as high-quality Sosen drivers and Osram red chips that provide a full-spectrum light source ideal for all growth stages. The lights cover an area up to 5x5 in flowering and produce an outstanding PPF of 2136 μmol/s with a photon efficacy of 2.8 μmol/J. You can easily monitor and control your settings with the onboard LCD display and built-in knobs for dimming and scheduling. The lights can be daisy-chained for commercial growers and have a general life expectancy of 50,000 hrs with a 5-year warranty period. Plus, they are plug-and-play with a default voltage of 110-277V that can be customized up to 347-480V.