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Riverstone Raised Garden Bed ( 4FT X 4FT X 11IN )

SKU: RGB-4411
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Are you searching for a convenient and effective substitute to customary subterranean gardens? The Eden Raised Garden Bed is your solution! Constructed with durable fir wood, this garden bed has unmatched longevity as well as being immune to decay. Consequently, the plants within will flourish in their new abode for years on end.

Assembling this garden bed is a piece of cake and can be done in mere minutes without the need for any tools. This amazing garden bed boasts its distinctive construction, which includes an embedded ground anchor to ensure that it remains stable at all times. The expansive size measures 4ft x 4ft x11in offering ample space for hearty plants with deep roots to flourish luxuriantly as perennials do too!

The Eden Raised Garden Bed boasts an exceptional attribute - its capacity to extend. Utilizing the distinct locking mechanism, it's a breeze to append another garden bed on top of the first one and construct diverse tiers that will cater specifically to your gardening requirements.

The possibilities for customization are endless! You have the choice to paint, stain or use a clear layer of polyurethane for your garden bed in order to make it completely unique. There is no limit when it comes to personalization options that you can choose from.

Elevate your gardening expertise with the Eden Raised Garden Bed, providing unparalleled practicality and ease. Rest assured that investing in this garden bed is a wise decision thanks to its 1-year limited warranty. Make the switch today and experience greatness firsthand!