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EZTRIM Satellite Bud Trimmer

EZTRIM Satellite Bud Trimmer

by Eztrim
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The EZTrim Satellite Bud Trimmer is a versatile and highly efficient trimming machine designed to streamline the trimming process for plant buds. This innovative equipment features a unique dual-blade system and airflow control, allowing precise customization for various bud characteristics, sizes, and moisture levels. Its batch time control ensures minimal touch-ups and reduced potential for bud damage. The Satellite works equally well as both a wet and dry trimmer, offering faster cycle times compared to tunnel-style trimmers. Furthermore, its four-collection bag filtration system efficiently separates and collects leaf and kief, making it an invaluable tool for commercial growers and cultivators seeking top-quality trim results and improved productivity.

Satellite Wet and Dry Trimmer: Unmatched Control for Quality Trims!

The Satellite Wet and Dry Trimmer sets a new standard in commercial trimming. Designed for discerning cultivators who demand both efficiency and uncompromising quality, this trimmer offers unparalleled control. Say goodbye to time-consuming hand-trimming and embrace a new era of trimming precision with the Satellite. Elevate your harvest with the Satellite Wet and Dry Trimmer.

Features & Benefits

How it Works?

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Satellite Trimmer


Product Overview

The Satellite Wet and Dry Trimmer is your answer to achieving meticulous crop trimming and harvesting without compromise. Crafted to meet the needs of both novice and seasoned cultivators, this state-of-the-art machine streamlines the entire process, eliminating the tedium of manual trimming. Experience a substantial boost in productivity and yield with the Satellite. Bid farewell to traditional methods and embrace the future of precise harvesting with the Satellite Wet and Dry Trimmer.

EZTrim satellite trimmers: What Sets Them Apart?

The EZTrim Satellite Trimmer revolutionizes the trimming experience, simplifying the process and delivering exceptional results. Elevate your productivity, optimize yields, and reclaim valuable time with the Satellite. Experience a harvesting transformation like never before with EZTrim.


High Throughput

Reverse Functionality

Quick Batches


Shape Preservation

Light Weight

Batch Precision

Speed Control

Efficient Filtration

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance


Key Advantages of the EZTrim Satellite Trimmer

The EZTrim Satellite Trimmer presents growers with a wide array of benefits. It dramatically reduces trimming time and labor, resulting in heightened productivity and enhanced yields. Consistent trimming quality ensures uniform product quality and increased profitability. With quiet operation and user-friendly features, it creates a comfortable work environment. Its long-lasting durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility position the EZTrim Satellite Trimmer as an indispensable tool for contemporary cultivators seeking efficient harvest solutions.


Solid Build: The Foundation of the EZTrim Satellite Trimmer

The EZTrim Satellite Trimmer boasts a sturdy construction meticulously crafted to endure the rigors of intensive trimming operations. Its precision engineering ensures unwavering performance, while its compact and stable design minimizes vibrations, preserving trim quality. For cultivators in search of a reliable and effective trimming solution, the EZTrim Satellite Trimmer stands as the ultimate choice.


Trifecta System

The equipment has been meticulously crafted to address the common challenges encountered in the harvesting of various crops.

By seamlessly integrating the Bud Bucker, Bud Trimmer, and Bud Sorter into a comprehensive system, you unlock the full potential of each component. This synchronized synergy not only reduces your harvesting time significantly but also dramatically decreases the required workforce, all while preserving the impeccable quality of your harvest.

It's the ultimate solution for enhancing efficiency and productivity in your cultivation operation.



The EZTRIM Satellite Bud Trimmer is designed to trim unwanted leaves from flowers, ensuring the plant isn't damaged. It offers control for both wet and dry trimming.

The key to the Satellite Bud Trimmer's quality is control. It provides the most control of any commercial trimmer, ensuring that the quality and integrity of the product are maintained.

The untrimmed buds enter the machine and disperse onto a grate. Below this grate is a cutting blade and a fan blade that creates a vortex and suction. This movement disperses the buds as they are trimmed.

The airflow and suction can be controlled by altering the amount of airflow entering the inner lids. With the lids open, there's mostly suction, and with the lids closed, there's mostly vortex.

The rotating, soft, food-grade silicone fingers and delicate brushes help separate and gently roll the product along the grate.

Yes, the Satellite Bud Trimmer works equally well for both wet and dry trimming.

The Satellite Bud Trimmer comes with a unique filtration system that includes four collection bags with varying micron levels. These bags separate and collect the leaf as it's trimmed.

Bud Movement Through Airflow & Suction

The untrimmed buds enter the machine through the inner lid on the top and disperse onto the grate. Below the grate is the cutting blade, and below the cutting blade is the fan blade. The two blades spin together. The fan blade creates vortex and suction, moving and dispersing the buds as they are trimmed.
Blade depth can be dialed down for strains with an irregular shape to avoid cutting the tips or dialed tight to the grate for dense, compact buds.


Airflow & Suction Control

Vortex and suction can be controlled by altering the amount of airflow entering the inner lids. With the lids open, you will get mostly suction. With the lids closed, you will get mostly vortex. Use the airflow controller to optimize the best combination of vortex and suction for bud size, density, and wet or dry trim.


Batch Time Control

Many factors impact the trim time of a bud, including size, density, leaf quantity, rigidity, moisture content, and more. Therefore, it is essential to adjust your batch time accordingly. Proper Batch Time Control will minimize touch-ups while ensuring your buds are only in the machine for a short time, reducing the potential for damage.


Trim Wet or Dry

The Satellite works equally well as a wet trimmer or dry trimmer. Install the correct grate, adjust your airflow, rotor speed, and blade depth, and you are ready to go.
Since the bud is being trimmed the entire time it is in contact with the grate, cycle times for the Satellite are much lower than with tunnel-style trimmers, reducing the potential for damage.


Trim Collection & Filtration

The Satellite’s unique filtration system comes with four collection bags with varying micron levels for separating and collecting the leaf as it is trimmed. The leaf enters the first bag, which is agitated by the airflow from the fan blade, shaking and pressing it through the filtration system. The result is two bags of leaf and two bags of kief.


3 year warranty and Money back guarantee, Please see our website for the details on how the return policy works

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Weight (lb.) 85
Height (in.) 43
Width (in.) 43
Length (in.) 32
Warranty 3 Years
Lead Time This Product Ships in 2 Business Days
Plant Material Dry, Wet
Assembled Dimensions 32″L x 43″W x 43″H
Ship Dimensions 32″L x 32″W x 32″H
Feed Type Batch Feed
power 120 VAC; 60 HZ; Single Phase; 10 Amps; 1200 Watts
Production Capability 30 lbs/hr Dry; 45 lbs/hr Wet