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Spider Farmer® Seed Starting Trays 2 Pack

Spider Farmer® Seed Starting Trays 2 Pack

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The Spider Farmer® Seed Starting Trays 2 Pack is designed to provide a robust and reliable solution for starting seeds. These trays are praised for their durability and are a step up from the more flimsy and unreliable seedling trays that are commonly available. Here are some of the features and benefits of the Spider Farmer Seed Starting Trays:

  • Durability: These trays are made to be sturdy and long-lasting, avoiding the common issue of breakage with more flimsy trays.
  • Humidity Control: They often come with a humidity dome that helps in maintaining the right moisture levels for seed germination.
  • Cell Size: The trays typically feature 12 cells per tray, which are made of silicone, making them reusable and easy to clean.
  • Transparency: The clear humidity dome allows for easy monitoring of the plant's progress without disturbing the seeds or seedlings.
  • Flexibility: The flexible silicone walls are designed to protect delicate roots and soil during the transplanting process.

These trays are suitable for anyone looking to start their plants from seeds, providing an efficient and effective way to manage the early stages of plant growth.