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Think Grow Smart LED Light Lifter

Think Grow Smart LED Light Lifter

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Is the ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1) Right for Me?

The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1) is perfect for indoor gardeners who want to maintain the ideal distance between their LED lights and plant canopy. This light lifter is easy to install and use, reducing assembly time and manpower. It is also compatible with the Hydro-X Pro Control System, allowing for synchronized multi-lifter operation.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Product Specifications
  • What is included?
  • Warranty Policy

ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1)

The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1) stands out from other options due to its customizable and expandable modular design. It is ETL listed for safety and allows for maximum light efficiency. With its easily adjustable height and compatibility with the Hydro-X Pro Control System, this light lifter is a smart investment for any indoor gardener.

  • Customizable and expandable modular design
  • ETL listed for safety
  • Maintains ideal distance between LED light and plant canopy
  • Easy to install and use

Product Overview

The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1) is a high-quality light lifter designed for indoor gardening. It is compatible with the Hydro-X Pro Control System and allows for synchronized multi-lifter operation. With its easy two-man installation and daisy chain data cable connectivity, this light lifter reduces assembly time and manpower.

Smart Technology

The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1) features smart technology that allows for easy customization and expansion. It is dimmable and daisy chainable, making it a versatile choice for any indoor gardening setup.


Product Specifications - ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1)
Lift Capacity Up to 132 lbs
Maximum Lift Height 8.8ft
Synchronized Multi-Lifter Operation Yes
Compatible with Hydro-X Pro Control System Yes
Easy Two-Man Installation Yes
Daisy Chain Data Cable Connectivity Yes

What is included?

The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1) kit includes the following:

  • ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1)
  • Power Cable
  • Signal Cable

Warranty Policy

Please check out the manufcaturers website for Warranty related issues.