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TrolMaster Carbon-X Environmental Controller with Cable Set

TrolMaster Carbon-X Environmental Controller with Cable Set

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Is The TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller Right for Me?

If you're seeking precise control over your grow room's CO2, temperature, and humidity, the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller is your solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate CO2, temperature, and humidity control
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Free smartphone app for remote control
  • Includes cable set for easy setup

Why You Should Buy TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller Over Other Options

The TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller offers precision, ease of use, and remote control capabilities, making it a superior choice for your grow room.


  • Control Range: 380-2000 PPM
  • Temperature Control Range: 41-113°F
  • Humidity Control Range: 5-95%
  • Includes Cable Set: CDA-1

CarbonX: The Ultimate CO2 Monitoring and Protection System!

The TrolMaster Carbon-X system is a unique and essential solution designed to ensure the safety of customers and workers in commercial indoor growing areas that utilize supplemental CO2. This system not only meets local and state regulations but goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive monitoring and protection. One standout feature of the Carbon-X system is its modular structure, which allows for customization to fit specific requirements.

Features & Benefits


Product Details

Warranty Policy

Product Overview

TrolMaster Carbon-X system is uniquely designed to protect customers and workers in commercial indoor growing areas that utilize supplemental CO2. With its modular structure, customization options, and the ability to monitor multiple zones, the Carbon-X system ensures compliance with regulations and offers comprehensive safety features. By promptly responding to unsafe CO2 levels through actions such as shutting down CO2 flow, activating alarms, and sending signals to fire alarm panels, the Carbon-X system provides a high level of protection and peace of mind for growers and their teams.

Master Your Grow: Exceptional Results Await!

Never compromise on your hydroponic success, even in the face of unexpected power outages. Introducing the Carbon-X, your ultimate solution to ensure your grow continues to thrive effortlessly, regardless of power disruptions.

Button control

Customizable settings

Free smartphone app

Ensures Safety

Easy installation with included cable set

Data Logging

Accurate CO2, temperature, and humidity control

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface

Highlighted Features of the Carbon-X System

Remote Monitoring and Control

The Carbon-X offers remote monitoring and control capabilities. Through a user-friendly interface, you can access and manage your hydroponic system from anywhere, using a smartphone or computer.This remote functionality provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to stay connected to your grow even when you're not physically present.

Alarm and Alert System

The Carbon-X features a comprehensive alarm and alert system. It notifies you of any deviations from desired parameters, such as temperature spikes or CO2 fluctuations, through visual and audible alarms. This enables quick response and intervention, minimizing the risk of plant damage or loss.

Reliable Power Backup

The Carbon-X is equipped with a robust power backup system, ensuring uninterrupted operation during power outages. This feature guarantees that your hydroponic setup remains functional, providing consistent lighting, ventilation, and other critical functions for your plants.

FAQ Section

What are the maximum and minimum CO2 levels that the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller can monitor?
The TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller can monitor CO2 levels up to 30,000ppm for high level alerts and down to 5,000ppm for low level alerts.
How many zones or rooms can the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller monitor?
The TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller can monitor up to 13 separate zones or rooms.
What types of outputs are available for control with the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller?
The TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller has five types of outputs available for control, allowing for flexibility in managing CO2 levels.
Can the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller shut down CO2 flow and activate alarms if unsafe CO2 levels are detected?
Yes, the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller can shut down CO2 flow, vent the area, activate visual and audible alarms, and even send signals to a fire alarm panel if unsafe CO2 levels are detected.
Does the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller provide internet connectivity for remote monitoring and notifications?
Yes, the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller provides internet connectivity for push alerts to a smartphone app and email notifications, allowing for remote monitoring and control.
What is the maximum number of outputs that the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller can control?
The TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller can control up to 40 outputs, providing extensive control capabilities for managing CO2 levels.
What are the temperature and humidity ranges in which the TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller operates?
The TrolMaster Carbon-X Controller operates in a temperature range of 32-122�F and a humidity of <=90%, ensuring reliable performance in various indoor growing environments.
Is there a warranty for this product?
Please check the warranty tab on this page for warranty information.
How long will shipping take?
Please check our shipping policy here for shipping information.
What is the return policy?
Please check our return policy here for return policy information.


Carbon-X CDA-1
Brand TrolMaster
Weight (lb.) 2
Lead Time This product ships in 1-2 weeks
Length (in.) 3.2
Width (in.) 3
Height (in.) 4
Warranty 3 Year
Prop 65 No
Controller Functions CO2 Control
Number of Zones Dual Zone
Display Readout Type Digital
Voltage 120/240 Volts
Frequency 50/60Hz
UL Listed No

Product Details

O2 Controller (CDA-1) (x1)

16 ft. RJ12 Cable (x2)

12 Volt Power Adapter (x1)

Warranty Policy

We will accept returns within 30 days of purchase. Once the product is returned to the warehouse, you will be refunded the product cost minus shipping within 14 days. We provide a three-year warranty for the mechanical and electronic components of the CDA-1 Carbon-X Environment Control System, starting from the original date of purchase. To avail of the warranty service, customers need to return the system in its original packaging.It's important to note that the warranty covers normal operating conditions, and components that fail due to abnormal usage are excluded from the warranty coverage.

For More Details: Read our Return Policy