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TrolMaster CO2 Emergency Stop Station w/ cable set

TrolMaster CO2 Emergency Stop Station w/ cable set

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The CO2 Emergency Stop Station (DSE-1) offers a convenient solution for shutting off the CO2 supply in the event of a fault or high CO2 level. This 120V controlled outlet is responsible for providing power to CO2 solenoid valves during normal operation. With the Carbon-X system in place, the DSE-1 automatically cuts off power if any fault or high CO2 level is detected by any of the installed CO2 sensors. Additionally, in cases where communication between the DSE-1 and Carbon-X is lost, the power supply will also be disabled as a safety measure.

LED status indicators:

  • Blinking green FAST: A quick blinking green LED indicates that the module has not been addressed or linked to the controller, or there may be a connection issue. Pressing the small button on the module during installation will address or link the module to the controller.
  • Blinking green SLOW: A slow blinking green LED confirms that the module is properly addressed, connected to the controller, and currently turned OFF.
  • Solid green: A solid green LED signifies that the modules are addressed, connected, and currently turned ON.
  • Blinking red: If the LED changes to blinking red, it indicates that the module has been overloaded. To reset the overload, simply unplug the module from the power source.