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TrolMaster Dual Condition Adaptor for Hydro-X system

TrolMaster Dual Condition Adaptor for Hydro-X system

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The TrolMaster DCC-1 offers a straightforward answer to managing a single device based on multiple conditions. For instance, users may want their exhaust fans to kick in when either the temperature or humidity hits a high level, or to cut off CO2 when the exhaust fans are activated. There are numerous other situations where a pair of conditions may be either amalgamated or separated.

The DCC-1 is engineered to work in harmony with any of TrolMaster’s plug-in modules, namely DSC-1, DSH-1/2, DST-1/2, DSP-1/2, DSV-1, or DSD-1.

Once the DCC-1 is linked to the plug-in module via the built-in RJ12 cable, the DCC-1 will collaborate with the connected plug-in module to regulate any device connected to said module.