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TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adaptor T

TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adaptor T

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The Hydro-x system by TrolMaster is capable of managing a wide range of supplemental lighting units currently available in the marketplace. The majority of lighting manufacturers offer an option to regulate their lighting setups through a mechanism often referred to as low-voltage control. This control can be executed in numerous forms and communication methods. TrolMaster offers a range of lighting adapters (designated as LMA units) that empower the Hydro-X to operate lights using this low-voltage control feature.

The LMA-T is uniquely crafted for ThinkGrow LED systems, offering two-channel control. This allows for independent management of full spectrum and second red output levels on the ThinkGrow LEDs.

The LMA-T conveniently connects to the lighting control ports Line 1 and Line 2 on the HCS-1. Once connected, users can define individual ON and OFF timings, as well as the dimming settings for the full spectrum LEDs and the second red LEDs.

The LMA-T is then attached to the RJ type lighting control cables. Each of the LEDs is connected back to the controller in a sequential setup using easy plug-and-play connections.

A single adapter has the capacity to manage up to 256 ThinkGrow LEDs.

  • A cable that converts RJ12 to a water-proof connector is included.