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TrolMaster Legacy Hawkeye

TrolMaster Legacy Hawkeye

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The TrolMaster Hawkeye offers a cost-effective and precise solution for monitoring enclosed spaces. It caters to users who simply need to monitor temperature, humidity, CO2, and VPD levels without the need for device control. The CM-1/Hawkeye serves as a reliable backup monitoring system, ensuring that environmental conditions remain within acceptable limits.

The Hawkeye comes complete with all the necessary components to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, and provide accurate VPD measurements (Vapor Pressure Deficit). Users can set minimum and maximum limits for temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. If these limits are exceeded, the Hawkeye promptly notifies the user through the TrolMaster APP, as well as audible and visual alerts displayed on the LED digital display.

The Hawkeye functions as a stand-alone monitoring system, capable of operating with or without an internet connection. However, when the EM-1 is connected to the internet, it automatically records and displays sensor data trends on an easy-to-read graph within the TrolMaster APP. Furthermore, local storage of all recorded data can be accessed by inserting a MicroSD card into the Hawkeye.

Note: TrolMaster's main controllers can be connected to the internet to utilize the available APP. Most internet services, including land-based and cellular internet, are compatible. However, HughesNet/Viasat Satellite internet is currently not compatible with TrolMaster controllers.