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TrolMaster RJ12 Splitter Hub with cable set

TrolMaster RJ12 Splitter Hub with cable set

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The TrolMaster's SPH-1 Splitter Hub presents a simple and efficient way to set up our controllers - as straightforward as connecting a phone cord. This hub accepts a single RJ12 cable through an input jack and offers eight separate RJ12 output jacks, which can be paired with a variety of TrolMaster sensors, adapters, and device modules. With the SPH-1 in place, you can enjoy a tidy installation without the clutter of Y-splitters for connecting multiple devices.

An added advantage of the SPH-1 is its powered hub feature. This means it amplifies the signals moving through it, enabling a larger number of modules, sensors, and light adapters to be attached to the TrolMaster controllers. By leveraging the SPH-1, a virtually limitless array of LED/HID lights can be directed by a single TrolMaster controller. The SPH-1 kit is inclusive of the hub, a 16-foot RJ12 cable, and a 12VDC power supply.

Ideally, the SPH-1 should be positioned centrally, with just one RJ12 cable linking it to the primary controller. From there, the hub's individual RJ12 jacks can be connected to any of the sensors, device modules, or light adapters.

IMPORTANT: When employing the SPH-1 to link your lighting systems back to a singular LMA adapter (excluding LMA-T and ThinkGrow light system), it is crucial NOT to plug the 12-volt DC power supply into the SPH-1.