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Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel

Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel

SKU: EGH-077-010
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Is the Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel the right product for you?

If you are a hydroponics enthusiast or a professional grower who values precision and cleanliness in your cloning process, then the Turboklone  Sterile Disposable Scalpel is the perfect tool for you. This product is designed to provide a clean and precise cut, ensuring the health of your clones and the success of your propagation efforts.

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Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel

Sterile and ready to use: Each scalpel is individually wrapped to ensure sterility and prevent contamination. Precision cutting: The sharp blade allows for precise cuts, which is crucial in cloning and propagation. Disposable: After use, the scalpel can be safely disposed of, preventing any cross-contamination. Pack of 10: Each pack contains 10 scalpels, providing good value for money.

  • Sterile and ready to use
  • Precision cutting
  • Disposable
  • Pack of 10

Product Overview

The Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel is a high-quality tool designed for hydroponics enthusiasts and professional growers. Its sterile and individually wrapped design ensures cleanliness and prevents contamination. The sharp blade allows for precise cuts, which is essential in cloning and propagation. Each pack contains 10 scalpels, providing excellent value for money.

Smart Technology

The Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel is equipped with smart technology that ensures precise cuts and easy usability. It is a reliable and convenient tool for hydroponic cloning and propagation.


Product Specifications - Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel
Type Disposable Scalpel Disposable Scalpel
Quantity 10 per pack
Sterility Sterile Sterile
Packaging Individually wrapped

What's Included

Each box of Turboklone Sterile Disposable Scalpel contains 10 individually wrapped sterile disposable scalpels.

  • 10 Individually Wrapped Sterile Disposable Scalpels

Warranty Policy

For information about the warranty policy, please refer to the product packaging or contact Turboklone directly.