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VF Industries VibraSort Harvest Bud Sorting Machine

VF Industries VibraSort Harvest Bud Sorting Machine

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Efficiency and quality preservation are paramount in our trimming process, optimizing time and labor. By eliminating unwanted trim/leaf/C buds during trimming and post-trim, we focus on desired-sized flower for consistent packaging. This streamlined approach reduces processing time, minimizing hands-on contact. The non-stick ceramic coating on the sorting surface, coupled with laser-cut drop-throughs, ensures the preservation of high-quality flower. Crafted with top-tier components, our system offers adjustable settings for various flower setups, delivering consistent A Buds, B Buds, and trim sizing. Custom sizing sorting grates are available, and it's hand-built in America with domestically sourced components. Suitable for wet/dry flower, it serves both pre and post-trim applications.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Harvest with VF Industries VibraSort!

Efficiently trim and maintain flower quality effortlessly. Remove unwanted parts, post-trim for consistent sizing. Minimize hands-on time, thanks to non-stick ceramic coating and laser-cut features. Adjustable settings ensure tailored results. Hand-built in America with top-notch components, catering to your specific needs.

Product Overview


What's Included?

Warranty Policy

Product Overview

Prioritize efficiency and quality in your trimming process. Optimize time and labor by eliminating unwanted trim/leaf/C buds, ensuring focused sizing for consistent packaging. Reduce processing time, minimizing hands-on contact. Benefit from a non-stick ceramic coating, laser-cut drop-throughs, and top-tier components with adjustable settings. Achieve consistent A Buds, B Buds, and trim sizing. Customize with available sorting grates, all hand-built in America using domestically sourced components. Use for wet/dry flower in both pre and post-trim applications.

Precision Trimming Perfected: Unleash the True Beauty of Your Harvest!

Indulge in unparalleled efficiency and quality with this trimming solution. Eliminate unwanted trim/leaf/C buds during and after trimming, ensuring focused sizing for consistent packaging. Save time and labor with a streamlined approach, minimizing your hands-on contact. Benefit from a non-stick ceramic coating and laser-cut drop-throughs, preserving the high-quality of your flower. Crafted with top-tier components, this system offers adjustable settings for diverse flower setups, delivering uniform A Buds, B Buds, and trim sizes. Customize with available sorting grates and enjoy the assurance of American-made, hand-built quality using domestically sourced components. Whether working with wet or dry flower, this trimming solution caters to both pre and post-trim applications, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for your processing needs.

High-grade Stainless Steel Body

Trimming Wet
or Dry

Easy Maintenance & Quick Washdown

Variable Speed Control (VSC)

Highlighted Features of the Centurion Pro Sorter

High Sorting Capacity

Elevate your trimming efficiency with the vibrasort's remarkable high sorting capacity. Seamlessly process large quantities of flower, optimizing your workflow for increased productivity.

Variable Speed Control

WTake control of your trimming experience with the advantage of variable speed control. Tailor the processing speed to your specific requirements, offering flexibility in handling different flower setups.

Efficient Sorting

Optimize your sorting process with the efficiency of Vibrasoft. This cutting-edge technology ensures a swift and precise separation of materials, streamlining your workflow. Experience seamless sorting that enhances productivity, saving you valuable time and effort.

Variable Speed Control (VSC)

Optimize your trimming process with Vibrasoft's Variable Speed Control, allowing you to customize processing speed to meet specific needs and adapt to different flower setups. This flexibility ensures precision and efficiency, empowering you to achieve optimal results tailored to the unique demands of your trimming operations.

Slower trimming speed leads to improved and gentler dry trimming.

Increasing the speed results in a tighter trim for wet products.

Versatile trimmers handle all flower shapes, sizes, and moisture.

FAQ Section

How does Vibrasoft handle large quantities of flower during trimming?
Vibrasoft boasts a high sorting capacity, efficiently processing substantial volumes of flower, optimizing workflow, and enhancing overall productivity.
Is the sorting process with Vibrasoft swift and accurate?
Yes, Vibrasoft employs cutting-edge technology for swift and precise separation, streamlining the trimming process and ensuring consistently high-quality results.
Can I adjust Vibrasoft settings for different types of flowers?
Absolutely. Vibrasoft is equipped with customizable options, allowing you to adjust settings and meet the unique requirements of various flower setups.
How user-friendly is Vibrasoft?
Vibrasoft is designed with ease of use in mind. The user-friendly interface and controls make operating the trimming solution straightforward, contributing to a seamless experience.
Does Variable Speed Control adapt to both delicate and high-volume trimming needs?
Yes, Variable Speed Control offers versatility by accommodating both gentle handling for delicate blooms and increased speed for high-volume processing, catering to diverse trimming requirements.
What sets Vibrasoft apart in terms of technology?
Vibrasoft features advanced technology specifically designed for efficient and effective sorting in the trimming process, ensuring a high standard of quality and performance.
Can I expect consistent high-quality results with Vibrasoft?
Absolutely. The advanced features of Vibrasoft contribute to maintaining consistently high-quality results, meeting and exceeding industry standards for trimming solutions.
Is there a warranty for this product?
Please check the warranty tab on this page for warranty information.
How long will shipping take?
Please check our shipping policy here for shipping information.
What is the return policy?
Please check our return policy here for return policy information.


VF Industries VibraSort
Weight 240 lbs
Width 23"
Height 35”
Length 113"
Shipping Weight 380 lbs
Sorting Size 1 trim/small leaf material - perfect extraction material
Sorting Size 2 “popcorn buds” - perfect joint material
Sorting Size 3 B Buds
Sorting Size 4-5 Small to large ‘A Buds”
Quart Air Tight Storage Containers 46
Pre Set Sorting Sizes 5
Dimensions 113"L x 22" W x 40" H
Power (US) 115v 60HZ < 1A
Warranty 3 Year

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Warranty Policy

VF Industries product comes with a 3 Year warranty.