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Urban Worm Bin Accessory Bundle

Urban Worm Bin Accessory Bundle

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Introducing the Ultimate Worm Bin Bundle, a one-stop-shop to jump-start your vermicomposting journey! This amazing bundle is not just limited to the Urban Worm Bag, but can be used with any worm bin.

With this bundle, you'll receive two premium quality Urban Worm Coco Coir bricks. These peat moss alternatives are eco-friendly and have been proven to be effective for worm bedding. This $24 value alone is a game-changer for anyone looking to start a worm bin.

Wait a moment, an additional benefit is present! You shall also obtain a pair of Hemp Urban Worm Blankets that are priced at $30. These biodegradable coverings can be placed atop your vermicompost to manage moisture and construct an optimal dim atmosphere for the worms.

In addition, as part of this package deal, there is more for you! Along with the previously mentioned items, we are also gifting to you an Urban Worm Thermometer. With a value of $13 USD included in your purchase price at no additional cost to yourself which will be beneficial because if used correctly it can help ensure that the temperature within your worm bin remains ideal specifically for "green" and sustainable living practices necessary for maximizing growth potential opportunities amongst these eco-friendly creatures residing inside their new home environment.

This bundle is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to start a worm bin or elevate their existing one. Acquire at present and luxuriate in the ease of possessing all the necessary elements encompassed within a singular compilation.